Mr. Blue Shirt

NOTE: This film played at Regal Cinemas on April 19th, 2008. The Regal location was the one on Rt. 248 in Easton, PA. There are also 100 DVD's that were made for it.

Mr. Blue Shirt (film) Overview
Mr. Blue Shirt is a low-budget film that was shot in the Lohigh Valley in Pennsylvania, including Easton. It was shot over the course of a year. With young gung-ho Kutztown University college student Mike Stewart and his warped imagination and a hearty cast and crew at hand, these films are quite the talk of the town sometimes.

On the peaceful land of Ogidni, sunshine covers the land at all times. News gets to the current monarch, King Haran, and he calls a small meeting at his special courtside. The guests? Mainly ony "The Shirts" are invited. You see, the Shirts are these cursed individuals who once took a colored coin on a different planet called Aken, and now they are forced into a "decent bondage of mild to almost-severe servitude," to the king. There were six coins, so that means there are six Shirts. Shirts as in Mr. Red Shirt, Mr. Orange Shirt, Mr. Green Shirt, Mr. Yellow Shirt, Mr. Violet Shirt...and Mr. Blue Shirt. (Also take note that each Shirt is given their own personality such that Red is angry, Green is jealous, Violet is wise, Yellow is scared, Orange is silly, and Blue is sad.) The only thing is that no one has ever seen Mr. Blue Shirt. At the council meeting, Haran tells the Shirts that the land is in doom because the Dark Blanket is upon the entire land. It's good to know there is a resolution to this burden, simply by forming The Great Prism can this tragedy become unhappened. The Great Prism is when all six Shirts gather around a woman named Indigo, who is to be placed on the Rock of Ogidni. This seems easy right? Its not that easy when the GX-7 Rebellion is hot on pursuit and in favor of The Dark Blanket happening, along with the multiple happenings of dead Shirts.

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