JumpStart Toddlers

JumpStart Toddlers (also known Jump Ahead Toddlers in Europe) is a personal computer game created by Knowledge Adventure in 1996 intended to teach toddlers basic concepts; such as learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and music. It was updated in 2000 and was renamed as “JumpStart Toddlers Advanced Preschool”.
The 1996 version of the game consisted of an interactive playroom inside of a house full of fun, engaging, and educational activities, with Giggles the Gopher guiding the player around. The theme song was sung by Beth Marlin Lichter while Jon Baker arranged the music for the theme song and other songs in the game. The game also featured the voice talents of Debi Derryberry and Kevin Schon.
The 2000 version was based on a whole different setting and premise, but aimed at the similar content in teaching toddlers basic concepts. In the 2000 version, young duckling Dee Dee (voiced by Grey DeLisle) visits her grandmother’s house while guiding the player around the game. Along the way, she befriends a purple butterfly. The songs in this version were also sung by DeLisle, with Randy Hale as composer and Adryan Russ as the songwriter.
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