Temple Pulse

Temple Pulse is the name of a Progressive music group from the West Coast of the United States.
Most recently based in San Francisco, California, Temple Pulse is best known for their entirely improvisatory playing style that simultaneously incorporates elements of Jazz, Rock, Avant-Garde and occasionally even North Indian modal music.
Temple Pulse is exclusively the creative brainchild of bassist Lawrence EC & guitarist Ron K, who began this particular artistic collaboration in 2004. Over the years, they have enlisted the services of various talented front-line session drummers & percussionists, issuing four cd's so far in the process.
Temple Pulse is considered one of the more critically acclaimed contributors to the vibrant new San Francisco Bay Area "Prog" scene of recent years, a scene that also includes Cerebral Cortex (similarly a Lawrence EC/Ron K collaboration), Citadelle, Fractal, Hazerfan, Headshear, and Scott Amendola's Crater.
To date, four albums of material have been released. For collectors, all four are at this time considered fairly hard-to-find, having each been collector series limited editions.
Their first recording, the facetiously titled My God Can Spit Farther Than Your God featured the unique experimental stylings of percussionist Stephen Flinn.
The second effort, simply titled Deus, was a departure into slightly more conventional Rock and Roll territory. Here, Temple Pulse utilized the talents of Los Angeles based drummer Kofi Baker, who brought with him a lengthy resume of work in that genre, having performed alongside Ginger Baker (his father), Steve Marriott, Randy California, & Jack Bruce, among many others.
Their third release, Out of Here Now featured yet another gifted LA performer, Peter Valsamis, and begins to hint at a more atmospheric and musically adventurous direction. Valsamis himself had previously spent a number of years performing in a variety of genres, with an emphasis on "tribal jazz", and had collaborated with the likes of Stephen Kent, Cecil Taylor & few of the Tuvan throat singers.
The most recent recording, Q'dsh , has been hailed as their most cohesive effort to date. Introducing an old friend & San Francisco native behind the drum kit, Jim Nelson, Temple Pulse shows off a new confidence while stylistically and thematically continuing on from where Out of Here Now left off.
* My God Can Spit Farther Than Your God (2005, Radical House Records)
* Deus (2006, Radical House Records)
* Out of Now Here (2007, RHR)
* Q'dsh (2008, RHR)
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