Hymn to Red October

Hymn to Red October, also called the Red Navy Hymn, is a theme song composed for the Hunt for Red October by film composer Basil Poledouris. It is sung by an extensive choir, and consists in three parts. The first is an introduction, with low voice tones and few instruments. The second is a shorter theme, in a more glorious tone and is quickly followed by the most popular theme, in which a march-like hymn can be heard.
Despite its being called the Red Navy Hymn, the song has never been affiliated with either the Navy of the Soviet Union nor the Russian Federation.
The song was also used as the soundtrack to the "Teaser" promo video for Michael Jackson's HIStory album in 1995.
There are at least two distinct versions of the hymn. The original soundtrack used a version using Russian lyrics. Another version, featured on disc-2 of the double compact disc compilation Hollywood Goes to War, uses lyrics sung in English.
The hymn is sometimes erroneously credited to Hans Zimmer, who in fact composed the music for the submarine thriller Crimson Tide five years later.
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