Jean Borde

Jean Andre Basile Borde was born in the former British colony island of Trinidad and is among the pioneering members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Trinidad and Tobago.
Jean Borde, a web designer, genealogist, return missionary and avid record keeper, authored two books about the history of the LDS Church in Trinidad and Tobago, named The History of the Saints in Trinidad & Tobago. These books were first available in 1996 via crude print, then later the books were digitized into the form of CD e-books. Now they have been made freely available for reading online. The books cover the LDS Church's beginnings from 1975 up to the visit of the former President of the Church Gordon B. Hinckley. The online version of the History of the Saints is supposed to be a continuation of the original books which can generally be updated by the membership.
For almost two decades, Jean Borde has been raising three children on the autism spectrum which engages all of his time. Thus, he has chosen to recluse himself from active participation in the church and instead focused on advocacy for children with autism in Trinidad and Tobago as a co-founder of APATT. Current updates on him can be seen via his own site, his International Community, or via the text based role-playing games he creates.
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