is an online chess community with over 400,000 registered members as of early April 2011. was founded in 2003 by Dennis Steele and offers live play, chat, correspondence chess, chess960, vote chess, team chess, clubs and chess forums.
Development was built using the open source platform Comp WebChess. competes with many other online chess platforms, including
Membership and community
ChessManiac has over 400,000 registered users. ChessManiac's users are from around the globe, including India, Russia, Argentina, Sweden, Pakistan, Serbia and the USA.
ChessManiac has 3 membership levels. Free, Gold and Premium. Gold allows players to create and manage teams, Premium allows players to create and manage leagues.
ChessManiac's community has a policy of freedom and allows members to create leagues in which teams apply for membership. Each league leader has the ability to remove teams that do not follow the rules of a particular league. If members feel the need to they can create their own club, team or league which then gives them the power to moderate users in their club, team or league chat area.
The community donates to the site to help raise money for new projects. In 2008 the community raised $6000.00 for a new server. Recently the community donated $8100.00 to help improve the site with new features and for it to be converted into a new programming language.
At the time of this edit, is undergoing a complete overhaul to accommodate for real-time chess.
And again, in true unselfish fashion, the members of the community have nearly raised(at the time of this writing) nearly 3000.00 USD for a new server.
Games can be rated or unrated, and timed using standard chess times or correspondence day per move time limits. Standard games are timed games 30 minutes or greater. Correspondence or day per move games are games set from 1-14 days per move and games can last for months. Games can be standard or Chess960, a variant where starting positions are shuffled. There are 960 possible starting variations, hence the name. Registered users who are logged in can spectate live games.
ChessManiac Chat allows all registered players who are logged in to chat to one another, either in chat rooms, or while playing chess games against one another.
ChessManiac recently added Vote Chess to its play features. This allows players to set up games as Mob vs Mob, individual vs Mob, team vs team, club vs. club, or team vs club. Players then vote on the best move. The move with the most votes wins.
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