Northwest Christian School

Northwest Christian School is a small co-educational Christian school in Newton, New Jersey. The school building is located in the heart of Sussex County, NJ on Route 519 north, 2 Miles north of Newton.
The purpose of NCS is to educate children for a life of obedience to their calling in this world as image-bearers of God. This calling is to know God's Word and His creation, to consecrate the whole of human life to God, to love their fellowman, and to be stewards in their God-given tasks.
The school proclaims to help its students grow to be knowledgeable adults who live the truth as competent employees, good communicators, faithful family and church members who are productive citizens wherever they reside.
The birth of Northwest Christian School came about in 1966 as a dedicated band of Christians from the Christian Reformed Church in Newton had the vision and the burden to provide a Christ centered, biblically based education for their children. The school began in the education wing of the Christian Reformed Church of Newton. God blessed this new work and the school became too big for that facility. Finding a permanent home was difficult as the school continued to grow and necessitated moving several times. It was hard to lease a facility that was large enough for our students and to use that facility for an extended period of time.
In 1989 the NCS Board of Education purchased the beautiful fourteen acres on which the school currently resides. Following sound financial principles, the school paid off the mortgage on the land before the first wing was built.
It was a real community affair as Christian parents and builders banded together to erect the original wing which consisted of a solid brick exterior of two small offices, a library and eight classrooms.
As time moved on, the school paid off the mortgage of the original building which was much lower than it normally would be due to the huge outpouring of Christian volunteer labor. Watching videos of God's people pooling their efforts for the cause of Christ and Christian worldview education has been and continues to be a tremendous encouragement.
Being debt free enabled NCS to build a second wing which has really improved our ability to offer a well rounded, traditional Christian education. This exciting new wing contains two spacious offices, a beautiful gymnasium, art room, two large restrooms and three classrooms.
Over the years NCS has claims to have remained firm on basing all they do and say on the Bible, the Word of God. From the beginning to the present, they claim to have maintained a curriculum where Jesus Christ is preeminent. NCS proclaims that its curriculum is in harmony with the Scriptures as they train and encourage their students to think biblically.
NCS is governed by a nine member board who are members of local evangelical Protestant churches and are elected by the NCS association. The NCS association is comprised of school families and friends of NCS in the community. The NCS School board establishes direction and policy for the school.
The school strongly encourages parental participation and the Parent Teacher Fellowship has been and continues to be a very strong contributor to the health and well being of the school in a variety of ways.
The school claims that its overall philosophy is that it is there to assist the family and the church in rearing godly young men and women who will be well prepared for high school and the years beyond, to provide for their families and those in need, along with impacting their culture for Jesus' sake as they love their Savior with their heart, soul, mind and strength.
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