Club Beer Party

Club Beer Party is a social organization headquartered in Arlington, VA composed primarily of successful young professionals and new college graduates. The primary purpose of the club is to provide a centralized location for the playing of drinking games, including Beer Pong and Flip Cup, as well as the consumption of cuisine local to the Club's location in the Arlington neighborhood, Courthouse. Club Beer Party functions are well regarded and well known on the Washington DC social scene, specifically their large US World Cup party that occurred in Summer 2006.


Club Beer Party was founded in early 2006, but its foundations go back several years before the official formation of the organization. A group of recent Washington and Lee University graduates desired to bring their college fraternity experiences to life after college. As such, near weekly games of Beer Pong were played at their group house in Clarendon, Virginia. It became apparent that many recent graduates from a variety of local universities desired to join in these games, to the point that they became well known local social events. Following the founders move to Courthouse, the Club took a step forward by forming a permanent membership list, officers, and a headquarters for social events. The Club headquarters for Beer Party events is a single family home in Courthouse, affectionately called the Pal's Cabin: A Place for Pals. Club Beer Party events are generally not revealed to the public until the week before they occur. Club literature discusses this quirk, giving the reason that the Club members do not enjoy distributing free beer, as if the Clubhouse were a "Free Beer Depot", to anyone off the street. Rather, only those who have proven they share the same values as the Club, may partake and imbibe. By inviting a mere few days before the event, only hardcore devotees to the Club will clear their social schedule for the impending function.

Origins of the name Club Beer Party are well known to Club members. One of the founders returning to the Pal's Cabin from their place of work purchased a large quantity of beer for use at a pre-Club Beer Party beer pong game. The neighbor living next door to the Pal's Cabin stated "Excuse me, if you're going to have another one of your beer parties tonight, will you make sure it's over by midnight?" The popularity of the phrase "beer party" was so widespread, that it was quickly implemented into the formal name for the Club's activities, leading to the adoption of the title Club Beer Party.

The height of Club Beer Party's acceptance as one of the leaders of the Washington DC young professional social scene was the Summer 2006 event celebrating the United States' World Cup game versus Italy. This event drew not only the, at that time, largest crowd ever to attend a Club Beer Party event, but also attracted local celebrities including Sara Albert, contestant on America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 and contract model. History was almost made that day. Beirut partners Robert Spey and Jean Margain threatened the all time consecutive wins record of 33, but were stopped short, losing while trying to win their 27th straight. This event was highlighted in the Washington and Lee Alumni Magazine, as well as in the Washington Post Going Out Gurus blog. Other celebrities that are regulars on the Club Beer Party invitation list are local radio personality "Big Daddy" Kev from WJFK, local musical personality JP Hyland, and Golden State Warriors Point Guard Baron "Boom Dizzle" Davis. On April 14, 2007, Club Beer Party held an event celebrating Larry King's 50th Year in Journalism. The lavish event broke the record of the World Cup event to become the most widely attended event in club history, as well as attracting the attention of local media. In celebrating his friendship with Larry King, actor Jon Voight was in attendance at this event, following shooting in Washington DC that day for film National Treasure 2. In 2007, the club awarded Alan Thicke with its prestigious "Canadian Performer of the Year Award".

In the Fall of 2006, Club Beer Party's first expansion chapter was formed in New York City by Jean Margain, a former member of the DC Club chapter. In February 2007, a Virginia Square, Virginia chapter was chartered, and has held several events. In April 2007, the Manhattan Beach, CA chapter was chartered with plans underway for their first summer event. Currently, there are discussions to form a San Diego chapter.


The primary purpose of Club Beer Party is to procure, provide and imbibe in alcoholic beverages, primarily beer, but on occasion liquor. The method of consumption is generally through competitive drinking games, generally Beer Pong and Flip Cup, but on rare occasions, a 3-dimensional hybrid version of Beer Pong that the Club has named Beeramid. Additionally, Club Beer Party has adopted an offshoot of the Name Game drinking game titled Shoot-It, involving sports figures. Some drinking-related events that have been hosted by CBP are The America's Cup of Flip Cup and Major League Shoot-It. Additionally, sporting event watching parties have frequently appeared on the social schedule. Club Beer Party events are also well known for the numerous local females that attend events, making CBP events popular with singles for the people watching and networking.


Membership to Club Beer Party has deliberately been kept very exclusive. Little is known about the membership standards used in determining worthiness for Club membership, but speculation has run rampant on Internet discussion boards. Several theories exist that show that Club officers for male membership compile a numerical score based on alcohol consumption skills, humor, sports knowledge, ability with the opposite gender and service. These theories have neither been confirmed nor denied by Club leadership, and the process remains shrouded in secrecy. Club literature released in January 2007 show that the membership ranks have swelled to over 40. Club membership now includes recent graduates from elite private schools including Duke University, Washington and Lee University, Georgetown, University of Southern California, and George Washington University. Speculation exists as to whether non-private university alums are admitted, and how much school attended affects the numerical membership score.


Club bylaws and literature express displeasure at providing philanthropic service which they claim, would be a detriment to the Club's true purpose, to serve as an elite, secretive and selective drinking club pursuing immense intoxication. The Club has come under fire by the mainstream media, as well as non-Club members as being nothing more than a selfish collection of spoiled rich children. While never refuting this attack, the Club in its press release stated that "to pursue charitable activities would be to tear down the very fabric that this Club was founded upon." As of last report, the Club still refuses to engage in, or donate to, any charitable organization, and refuses to dedicate Club events to benefit philanthropic efforts, separating it from other DC social organizations such as The Madisons, International Club of DC, and the Capitol Club.
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