Davis wong

Davis Wong (born 1989) is a Malaysian celebrity hairstylist, entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder of Scissors Palace.
He is most known for her success with Scissors Palace, and so call by clients A Man with A Midas TOuch.
Early life
Growing up in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia, born on May 1st, 1989.
Grow up in a family with a business background, does not stop him to pursue his dream as a hairstylist for which he is become right now.
Graduated with a Degree in Business Administrations (MBA) abroad. As to further his dream, he graduated from hairstyling course at A cut Above.
Business Ventures
Moving to Kuala Lumpur in his early age, he began to work as a hairstylist at one of the top salon in Malaysia (A cut above) , before he found his now salon Scissors Palace .
Working Life
As an experience celebrity hairstylist, he personally worked with few Malaysian artist. actors, actress, designers, such as Yasmin Hani, Sazzy Falak, Elizabeth Tan, Azrel Ismail, Bon Zainal, Joey G, Maggy Wang and more on the list!
And not only that, his touch had been the most favorite touch to Royal family of Brunei, former Prime Minister of Malaysia's wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and daughter, Marina Mahathir, and more.
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