Malay Attitude

Malay Attitude is a term used in especially Malaysia to refer to the attitude of the Malaysian Malays.

Early Malay Attitude
Malaysia's special envoy in the United Nations Dato' Abdullah Ahmad has wrote that the Malays way back in the early 60s were poor when they lived in the rural areas, in kampungs. Their earnings began to rise sharply only after 20 years of the New Economic Policy, and only after they had been urbanised. Former prime minister of Malaysia Tun Abdul Razak believed that Malay migration to the towns, after the May 13 Incident 1969 race riots, would change the Malay attitude and also usher in new jobs, skills and professions.

Mahathir criticised Malay Attitude
On June 2002, former prime minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad prior to his retirement pointed out that the Malays "not let go of their crutches" (referring to NEP), Mahathir said:

Research studies on Malay Attitude
The Institute of Islam and Science of Multimedia University has carried out a research study on Malay Attitude. with one of the study topics on the development of Malaysian Malay Race, that is to carry out studies on Malay-Non Malay relationship and Malay’s thinking, behaviour, habit, practices and culture and to examine their conformance to Islamic values and principles and also to study factors especially from the point of view of Malay attitude, custom and culture that has plagued them in their ability to compete with the other races and how these could be realigned in accordance to the Quran and Hadith to produce the desired quality Muslims.
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