Israeli Army diet

The Israeli Army diet was a fad diet that was popular in the 1970s. It was promoted as being based on the diet used by the Israel Defense Forces for new recruits but had no connection whatsoever with the Israeli Army.
The diet lasted for eight days with the dieter only eating one type of food for two days each.
#Days One - Two: Apples (black tea/coffee allowed)
#Days Three - Four: Cheese (black tea/coffee allowed)
#Days Five - Six: Chicken (black tea/coffee allowed)
#Days Seven - Eight: Salad (black tea/coffee allowed)
If the dieter followed the regimen for the full eight days, he or she would likely experience a short-term weight loss. However, as this regime was not sustainable over the long term, the person undertaking the diet soon regained the weight as he or she returned to their normal diet, some even gained more weight. In addition, the lack of variety in the diet meant that many people failed to complete the diet regimen. As well, the diet was not a balanced diet providing the dieter with their nutritional needs such as calories, protein and vitamins leaving them feeling weak and sometimes lightheaded.
For these reasons, nutritionists and doctors were critical of the Israeli Army diet and it declined in popularity. It is now regarded as a classic fad diet like the grapefruit diet or the cabbage soup diet.
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