fritz-kola is a cola soft drink from Hamburg, Germany. It is the brainchild of Lorenz Hampl and Mirco Wolf Wiegert. Distribution, marketing and sales are coordinated by them exclusively.
fritz-kola uses the highest possible concentration of caffeine for beverages (25mg / 100ml), allowed by German law. Just like Afri-Cola, this is a much higher contentration than that of the market leaders in the Cola segment. fritz-kola is bottled exclusively in glass bottles and is usually found in German convenience stores such as REWE.
fritz-kola, appeared 2003 on the market, following the retro trend, that helped Afri-Cola its revival. The beverage was sold in and around Hamburg, later it was available in major German cities. It is now available in most of Germany, as well as parts of western and central Europe. However, fritz-kola is usually not available in convenience stores outside of Germany.
Apart from the "classic" fritz-kola, two other versions have been introduced:
* fritz-kola zuckerfrei (sugar free)
* Kola-Kaffee-Brause (Cola-Coffee soda)
A lemon-lime of beverages has been released, named fritz-limo, available flavors are:
* Melonenbrause (melon flavored soda)
* Apfel-Kirsch-Holunder (apple-cherry-elder flavor)
* Zitronenlimonade (normal, lemon flavored lemonade)
* Orangenlimonade (normal, orange-flavored lemonade)
* Apfelschorle (apple juice spritzer)
All variants, except for the Orangenlimonade and the Apfelschorle, are sold in 0.33l (11 fl. oz.) bottles. All variants are also available in 0.2l (6.7 fl. oz.) bottles.
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