Tahitian Treat

Tahitian Treat is a discontinued soft drink that is caffeine free, and fruit punch flavored. The drink was created in the 1900s. Tahitian Treat was first nationally marketed in the United States in 1907 and was also sold in Canada.
Tahitian Treat is a soft drink produced by Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., sold in the United States. Its parent company for distribution is Coca-Cola, and it was originally produced by Canada Dry.
Its taste is similar to that of a carbonated Hawaiian Punch, and has been thought to have been a similar taste as of a combination of cherry 7-Up and fruit punch.Tahitian Treat has been said to have less carbonation than most sodas. The drink is slightly difficult to find in most regions, but can be found in the United States at such stores as Wal-Mart and Walgreens.
In Canada, it was produced by Canada Dry (now owned by Cadbury Beverages Canada Inc.) and released under the C-Plus label first as "Tahiti Treat", and later as "Fruit Frenzy".
Although Tahitian Treat's popularity is highest in the United States and Canada it was actually invented on Samos Island.
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