PURISTA Mojito Blackberry

PURISTA Mojito Blackberry is a non-alcoholic premium cocktail mixer currently being produced by Synergy Beverages.
The formula was created by bartender Michael Hensel, and was a direct result of the popularity of his original PURISTA Mojito flavor.
PURISTA Mojito Blackberry has the distinction of being the only Synergy Beverage mixer based on an existing flavor. After receiving large amounts of positive feedback on his original Mojito mix, Hensel decided to enhance his formula with the addition of Chilean blackberries. Though other Mojito variations do exist (such as Pear, Watermelon, and Passion Fruit), the popularity and strong consumer interest in the blackberry blend, led to his decision in bringing it to the market.
The PURISTA Mojito Blackberry mix consists of filtered water, key lime juice, mint leaves, organic sugar cane, and Chilean blackberry juice.
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