Firefly Vodka

Firefly Vodka is a relatively new family of liquor brands manufactured by the Firefly Distillery of Wadmalaw Island, thirty miles south of Charleston, South Carolina. This Charleston-based distillery is the only distillery in South Carolina. Firefly Distillery has two southern partners, Jim Irvin and Scott Newitt. Both partners are dedicated to bringing quality southern products to the market.
Firefly Distillery's first product to market was Firefly Muscadine Vodka in April 2006. This flavored vodka was inspired by the distillery's location on a vineyard. Muscadine grapes are native to the southeast region, and muscadine wine is traditionally a very sweet wine. Firefly Muscadine Vodka outscored Ketle One, Absolut, Finalandia, and Fris in the Beverage Testing Institute. This product was originally produced in Florida due to South Carolina's licensing fees for a distillery. After legislation passed, which reduced the cost for distilleries from $50,000 to $1,000, Firefly Muscadine Vodka was produced in South Carolina. Firefly Muscadine Vodka has been distributed to South Carolina, Colorado, and New York. Currently, Firefly Muscadine Vodka is a seasonal product.
April of 2008 marks the entry of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, distilled on Wadmalaw Island. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is an original product and concept. The sugar is from Louisiana and the tea is from the only tea plantation in America, Charleston Tea Plantation. The product is a twist on the southern staple, sweet tea.
Firefly Handcrafted Vodka is a six times distilled straight vodka. Firefly Handcrafted Vodka was introduced to the market January 2009. This vodka is distilled slowly in batches. Currently this product is only distributed to South Carolina, but plans are to expand distribution.
Firefly Distillery joined forces with Sazerac, a Louisiana based company, in order to ensure quick entry in all 50 states. In addition, through this venture Firefly is able to meet the demand of their Sweet Tea Vodka. Also, four new products were introduced to the market in March 2009, all are four times distilled and 70 proof flavored tea vodkas.
Firefly's product line currently includes Firefly Muscadine Vodka, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Firefly Handcrafted Vodka, Firefly Mint Tea Vodka, Firefly Raspberry Tea Vodka, Firefly Lemon Tea Vodka, and Firefly Peach Tea Vodka. The next product to be released will be a rum and is expected to be released by Fall 2009.
Firefly Handcrafted Vodka is distributed only in South Carolina. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is distributed in all 50 states, with varying distributors in each state. The Tea flavors are in the process of becoming national distributed.
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