Hermann-Kola is a German cola brand which has been brewed in Hamm since 2006.
Unlike e.g. Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola, but like e.g. Afri-Cola or fritz-kola, Hermann-Kola contains the highest concentration of caffeine (25mg / 100ml) that is allowed by law in Germany. It is bottled only in reusable 0.33-Liter glass bottles.
Nowadays, the distribution of Hausmarke - a "coffee-cola" - is also done by Hermann-Kola. Most recently a new flavour, by the name of Hausmarke "liquorice-cola" has been added to the range.
Aside from Hermann-Kola, there are various lemonades, called Hermann-Brause. They are available in the sorts
* Orange
* Melon-Lime
* Carbonated Apple-juice
* Apple-Cherry
* Lemon
* Rhubarb-Strawberry
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