FlipTop: The First Filipino Rap Battle League

Prominence and impact
Founded on 6 February 2010 by Anygma (Aric Yuson), FlipTop gained prominence through video-sharing site YouTube. As of November 2011, all videos uploaded on its official YouTube account "fliptopbattles" gained 107 million views and is the third most viewed and sixth most subscribed channel in the Philippines.
Though it has an English-language conference, the FlipTop Battles are popular for its use of Filipino in its lyrics. Though delivered in freestyle, lyrics are loosely structured and rhythmic.
FlipTop lyrics are commonly spiced with Filipino vulgar and cuss words since, like most rap battles in other countries, the common aim between competing FlipTop rappers is to debunk each other's notions through insults and expletives. As such, according to a blog entry on Filamfunk.blogspot.com, the FlipTop space “is not immune from homophobic, sexist, or racial punchlines.” Still, there was a FlipTop promotional battle between Target and K-Jah on 21 July 2011 which did not appear to be a battle but a critique on the prevalent lyricism in FlipTop battles.
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