Dambski Roman II

Roman Dambski II (born Ronald Victor Charles Mann in Leith, Scotland, in 1942) claims to be a prince, as natural son of count and prince Roman I Dambski, and pretender to the Lithuanian throne as Grand Duke and King.
According to the birth certificate, he was born Ronald Victor Charles Mann in Leith, son of Charles Avery Mann (West Linton 08 Apr 1905 - 1991 Edinburgh) and Katherine Mann (Linlithgow 21 Nov 1913 - 08 Feb 2011 Torquay), who were married at Leith on 26 Feb 1937.
He claims to be a natural son of count and prince Roman Dambski I, and Gedroyc stepmother/heiress Paulina Dambska (Mostyska 1905 - Warsawa 1993). Lieutenant Roman Dambski I of Lubraniec resided at 45 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, from 1940, when he was posted there as an officer with Polish Corps 7 Rifles. As a chemical engineer, he was stationed at the Paderewski Hospital attached to Edinburgh University, and did not return to Poland until 1947. On 13 November 1927, Count Roman Dambski of Lubraniec civilly married Princess Paulina (Mostyska 30Mar1905-04Feb1993 Warsaw), first child of Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (1862-1943 Zubracze) at Lwow, and she became Paulina Dambska. Prince Roman I fathered two children by Katherine Mann, Ronald Victor Charles (King Roman) in 1942 and Christine Elizabeth Catherine in 1945, and succeeded as Grand Duke of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, in 1943 on the death Prince Wladislaw.
In 1992, one year after the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) finally became independent from Russia, Ronald Mann changed his name to that of his real father Roman Dambski. He visited his step-mother Princess Paulina whom he had located in 1987 and to whom he had been corresponding in French since 1988 and discovered his real father's tomb at Brama IV in Warsaw, with the inscriptions "HR. DE LUBRANIEC" (Count of Lubraniec) and "W. KS. LITEWSKICH" (Grand Prince/Duke of Lithuania). He was empowered by Princess Paulina Gedroyc, daughter of Grand Duke Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc, in November 1992 prior to her death.
In 1993 Grand Princess Paulina died, and by letters patent Prince Roman II was recognised as "Grand Duke of Lithuania". In 1994, while the Russian Communist influence was still felt in Lithuania, Prince Roman II was invited by Dr Jonas Stankus to attend a world congress of Lithuanian nobility in Vilnius. Around 400 people attended, over double the number who attended the gathering in 1996 which produced the present Lithuanian Nobility Society (LRUN), which uses the name Royal, but has no Sovereign. Prince Roman was appointed a founding Senator of the newly formed Lithuanian Royal Nobility Society (LBKS) on 23 April 1994, but was subsequently snubbed by the 1996 society. Although accepting the Polish historical lineage by default, the LRUN does acknowledge that Lithuania was a Kingdom. It is that Kingdom which the present Sovereign Grand Duke Roman seeks to restore in its fullness.
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