Barons di Baccari

The Barons di Baccari is a title of Maltese nobility.

The title Barone de Baccari was created in 1508 to Jacques Matteo (sives Eugene Matteo) d’Armenia with the remainder to his descendants in perpetuity. Eugene the illegitimate son of King Jacques II of Cyprus, when his family were exiled, first had gone to Naples, Sicily, then settled in Malta marrying a Sicilian heiress Donna Paola Mazzara (a descendant of the Royal House of Aragon of Sicily and Aragon), with issue. Eugene Matteo has also been noted living in Malta and also noted to have been in Venice. Though reports such as family historians do not note the place of death, either in Malta or even perhaps in Venice. titular King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Prince of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r. 1474-1536. His descendants in Malta are quite well noted in Maltese history, especially in the area of Politics, Lawyers, Nobility, and Bishops.

His heir James Antonio (sives Blasio) d'Armenia succeeded to the title of Barone di Baccari and, during his father's lifetime, was created Barone di Benuwarred by the Grand Master of Malta in 1514, which title was granted to his heirs in legitimate succession of primogenture. His marriage to Dona Isabella di Avello brought the ancient families of Vaccaro into the family. Blasio d'Armenia titular King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Prince of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1536-58)died 1558.

His son Masi d'Armenia succeeded as the Barone of Baccari and Benuwarred also titular King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Prince of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1558-89), marrying a Gozitian heiress and fathering a daughter who also succeeded to the family estates in Malta. She married Don Matteo Ciuma, but died without heirs. She had sold her shares in 1590 to her elder aunt, Isabella. Baroness Isabella died as a nun in 1621 in Valletta and the Barony of Benuwarred died with her. She styled as titular Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Princess of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1589-1621).

Donna Isabella d'Armenia, the aunt of Baroness Isabella Ciuma, had succeeded to the lands and titles of the Armenia estates, but didn't take on the pretention of the rights to the Royal House of Cyprus. She married Don Gio Lanza Inguanez, heir to the Maltese titles of Ghariexem e Tabia, an ancient Spanish family which had settled in Malta in the 14th century.

Isabella's son Gerolamo succeeded to the estates in 1598 and he passed the title of Baccari on to his eldest daughter, and the estates were passed on to his son Salvatore and other siblings in 1632. 1621 succeeded the style of titular King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Prince of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1621-32). His son, Noble Salvatore Inguanez, 'Baroncino di Baccari', (1625-79), titular King of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Prince of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1632-79) married 1642 at Rabat Gozo to Isabella Muscat, with issue an oly child, a daughter. Noble Domemichella Inguanez, (d. 1692) titular Queen of Cyprus, Jerusalem, Armenia, Titular Princess of Antioch, Tripoli and Galilee (r.1679-92) married 1664 to Pietro d'Amico, dsp.

Gerolamo's daughter, Isabella Inguanez, Baroness of Baccari, was the mistress of Marc'Antonio Inguanez, 13th Barone di Djar il-Bniet e Buqana, a very distant cousin though, on a solemn promise to her father, she was to be married but this never happened. She was succeeded by three illegitimate children with their rights guaranteed by the Grand Master. She was also succeeded by the half brother of Isabella's children, a personal favorite and also the lieutenant governor of Malta. Isabella died in 1707 and her son, who was in his senior years, succeeded as the 8th Baron of Baccari.

Francesco Inguanez, succeeded as the 8th Baron of Baccari and his marriage to Countess Bridga Inguanez, a distant cousin brought a hereditary title of count and countess to all descendants from the Vassallo-Paleologo family.

Succession through the descendants was direct and by nomination from father to son or daughter with the style of Count/Countess, Baron/Baroness of Baccari. Count Publio Inguanez succeeded as the 9th Baron, who died in 1742 and was succeeded by his eldest daughter Countess Maria. She also inherited the rights of the Barony of Djar il-Bniet. Maria married Mastro Pedro Tanti and the title of Baccari was inherited by a younger daughter Theresia in 1778.

Theresia Tanti, the 11th Baroness of Baccari, married Giuseppe Vella, Captain of the Army in Mosta by whom she had several children. Theresia died in 1789 and was succeeded by her eldest son, Johannes Vella. Barone Johannes Vella had written the history of the Royal House of Cyprus in Malta, listing the descendants. John, also in the Army and Captain of the Mosta regiment, together with forces from other towns in Malta attempted to fight against Napoleon but failed. All were rounded up and executed by firing squad in 1799.

Xavier Vella succeeded as the 13th Barone and married. His eldest son, Lieutenant John Vella RMA, had married Janet Wallace, the illegitimate daughter of Richard Seymour-Conway, the 4th Marquis of Hertford and brother of Sir Richard Wallace, 1st Baronet. Their eldest child, Caverlier Saverio, only left a daughter by his mistress, but Batron Xaverio Vella did not permit her to the successioni. This illegitimate daughter migrated with her mother with the help of the Barone Vella who set them up in Los Angelos California, USA. Their descendants still continue to this very day.

Barone Xaverio Vella had lived a very long life and lost most of his legitimate heirs. His eldest daughter, Teresa Vella Sant, was married to Prince Giovanni Maria Said and she succeeded to the title of Baroness of Baccari. Thus her descendants in the senior line carry the title.

The current holder of the title is Conte Francesco Xavier Said, 20th Barone di Baccari.

The family of Armenia is descended from the de Lusignan royal family of the Kingdom of Cyprus.

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*Grand Officers of the Kingdom of Cyprus
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