Eva Carneiro

Eva Carneiro is a Gibraltarian sports medicine specialist of British and Spanish parentage who is currently working as the first team doctor at Chelsea F.C. She has previously worked the British Olympic Medical Institute and with England women's national football team and UK Athletics. She joined Chelsea in February 2009.
After joining Chelsea in 2009, she worked with the reserves squad. At the start of the 2011-12 season, she became the first team doctor in a reorganisation of the club.
Early life
Eva Carneiro was born in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. At a young age, she took interest in ballet and riding. She suffered with muscle soreness and Knee pain, but there was lack of recovery periods or conditioning in her schedule and she found it difficult to manage both ballet and riding. Doctors advised her to rest but her pain always returned as soon as she came back to her sports. She thought that there must be more to the treatment of sports injuries than just rest. This sparked her interest in the field of sports medicine. where she studied with the Australasian College of Sports Physicians.<ref nameGibMag/> She then returned to UK to do her MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine (SEM) at Queen Mary University in London. Her MSc thesis was carried out at West Ham United Football Club. After her masters she worked in the Public Health department at Islington PCT in north London. She was also involved in weekly Sports & Orthopaedic Clinics at Whittington Hospital and the Olympic Medical Institute. She then was appointed nationally to the UK Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialist training programme. She worked with the UK athletes in the build up to the 2008 Summer Olympics and also with the women football team. She then joined Chelsea F.C in February 2009.<ref nameGibMag/>
She says “I have wanted to train in Sports Medicine for a long, long time and even relocated to Australia in an attempt to do so! <ref name=BASEM10/> It is great to have the opportunity to specialise in this country. It will be fantastic to offer athletes and exercising individuals of all ages the opportunity for appropriate investigation and management. In addition I look forward to seeing our athletes of the future reap the benefits of this investment. My heartfelt thanks to all those who have fought to establish SEM specialty status and are now working so hard to optimise our training opportunities. We are in debt to you all!”
Non-professional Interests
A competitive Latin and Flamenco dancer, Eva’s areas of interest are dance and football injuries. She is fluent in Spanish and unwinds by learning Portuguese.<ref name=BASEM10/>
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