CouponCoupon is a London-based voucher website that distributes deal updates and digital coupons to consumers based on daily top deals, customized online feeds in over 10 countries in the EU.<ref name="refname1" group="A" /><ref name="refname3" group="A" />
The site originally launched focusing solely on the UK market in 2010, but has since expanded to Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Austria and Belgium. As of 2011 the site offered over 15 million deals across the EU, and has launcehd technology partnerships with Vouchcha and other mobile retail networks.<ref name="refname2" group="A" />
CouponCoupon's deals are redeemable online at merchant sites, or in store at the brick and mortar merchant. This is a trend in the industry as paper based coupons are quickly becoming obsolete.
The founders of the site are former London based executives of The Motley Fool, Doubleclick and PricewaterhouseCoopers.<ref name="refname3" group="A" />
CouponCoupon was originally founded in 2008 by three executives involved in the startup stages of various dot coms in the US. It's original purpose was online only coupons, but has since branched out as a data provider (VoucherPulse), and mobile data provider across the entire EU. In 2011 the company is expected to expand to the Southeast Asian market, including "" in China.
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