Post 20th Century Art

Post 20th Century Art was first used by art Professor Marianne O'Barr, an instructor at the Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), to define the art movement, that for lack of a better term, might otherwise be seen as Post-Postmodern. This term was first created in response to several young art students explaining that they did not like 20th century art and that they were not interested in learning how to create 20th century art. Post 20th Century Art is more than just a contemporary return to representational art and differs from previous attempts and movements in several ways. Raymond Persinger, also an instructor at LCAD explained this movement to a group of Art curators as "The Death of Cynicism" in 2005. While this contemporary art movement embraces a variety of representational styles from Classical Realism to work that is looser and even gestural, the Post 20th Century art movement embraces beauty , and is accepting of work that during the 20th century would be described as sentimental. This art movement values formal classical training which has led to the boom of new art schools and Ateliers that specialize in classical training.
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