GoldiRock Records is an independent record label based in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, USA.

GoldiRock Records was founded in 2000 by musician Jeremy Barnhart. GoldiRock was originally a releasing label for Jeremy's solo projects and albums but quickly became recognized as an Indie-Label with a variety of formats including GoldiRock Entertainment, Booking, distribution, management and more. GoldiRock and GoldiRock Entertainment have become known for projects including GoldiRock Studios and a fully featured venue including an inhouse studio, arcade, tutoring rooms and live online streaming membership shows.
GoldiRock Records mainly focuses on consulting bands and artists in the industry in order to promote knowledge in general music industry standards as well as self promotion and more.

Releases (as of 2007):
*On the edge of life and love - Boy London and The MidLife Crisis
*Etiera (self titled) - Etiera
*Live: In the can - Charity Roy

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