Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm

Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm is the original demo tape from dc Talk. The group was at the time known as DC Talk and the One Way Crew" and consisted only of Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait. Kevin Max had yet to join the band. It was recorded while the pair were students at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.
Track listing
#"Heavenbound" - ?????
#"" - 3:56
DC Talk and the One Way Crew
"DC Talk" referred to Toby McKeehan as he provided the rap lyrics and was from Washington D.C. The band later sang that D.C. stood for "Decent Christian", however, this was not originally the case. The "One Way Crew" referred to Michael Tait who sang the choruses. "The One Way Crew" name was dropped and they became simply "DC Talk" (the shortened name is listed on the cover and cassette). The former name is most evident on their self-titled debut album's "Time Ta Jam." The song opens with Toby rapping "I'm DC Talk..." (instead of "We're DC Talk..."). The track concludes by Toby stating "From myself and all of the One Way Crew..." (not counted as real lyrics).
Cassette referenced in People Magazine
After dc Talk won a Grammy for "Free At Last," ran a feature article on the band in their issue of January 24, 1994. Christian Rhymes to a Rhythm was recalled by Michael Tait:

"Tait had sung hymns on Falwell's The Ole-Time Gospel Hour television show and recorded with the Falwell Singers before McKeehan asked him to help record a song he'd written, "Heavenbound." With McKeehan rapping and Tait singing the chorus, they performed it for a crowd of 8,000 Liberty students. "They went berserk, man," Tail, remembers. "We sold out of, like, 3,000 tapes. They were gone.""

Read the full People article at "Rap Finds God" at
The cassette states that the demo was written and produced by Toby McKeehan. It is credited as released by the "Ministries of Tait and McKeehan."
The version included of "Heavenbound" is not the same version that appears on the self-titled debut, DC TALK. It was re-recorded to include the vocals Kevin Max. Although "Heavenbound" is not a rare track, this version without Kevin Max is.
Always Leaning
This is the only version of "Always Leaning" making it one of the rarest dc Talk songs in existence. The now defunct dc Talk fansite "Ardent-Enthusiast" posted photos and a download of "Always Leaning" for a period. On the other dc Talk fansite, "Jesus Freaks Forever", the original cut and remix were made available for download. Always Leanin' was deleted off the first album along with another song never to be released or recorded on their first studio album. Always Leanin' is not available on iTunes, and the cassette was never sold in stores.
=="Selling cassettes door-to-door"==
Upon the releases of Intermission: the Greatest Hits, Toby McKeehan was quoted as saying:

"The success of dc talk was something we never imagined while selling cassettes door-to-door at Liberty University," states McKeehan, "it was just three friends getting together and making music. To think that 10 years later we would be putting out a greatest hits record and have a double platinum record with Jesus Freak goes well beyond our expectations. In my opinion, dc talk will always be three friends getting together to make music."

It is presumed that this is the cassette to which he referred. People thought it was their self titled album.
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