Bradley Ayers

Bradley Earl Ayers (March 7, 1935 - February 10, 2017) was an American soldier and CIA operative who alleged that former senior JMWAVE officers played a role in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.
Ayers enlisted in the United States Army following high school graduation in 1953. In 1963, Ayers worked with the CIA training anti-Castro Cuban exiles. Following that, Ayers worked as a commercial pilot, a private detective, and an undercover operative with the Drug Enforcement Administration's South Florida Task Force.
At the age of 62, Ayers set the record for the fastest one day ascent-descent of Mount Whitney in California (the highest peak in the continental U.S.), conquering the 14,496-foot mountain in 14 hours, 40 minutes while carrying a 25-pound daypack.
He continued to maintain a vigorous athletic schedule, regularly competing in road and snow-shoe races in his community despite a full VA disability due to injuries sustained in the service of his country.
Ayers lived in Frederic, Wisconsin. He died on February 10, 2017.<ref name="obit" />
Ayers was the author of two books:
* The War That Never Was: An Insider's Account of CIA Covert Operations Against Cuba. (1976)
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