Artan Latifi

Artan Isa Latifi is a Kosovo Albanian professional footballer goalkeeper of KF Drita and Capitan which in 2002-2003 was proclaimed champion of the Super League of Kosovo and Kosovo won the Cup
Early life
Latifi was born on 5 April 1983 in Gjilan, Kosovo into a family known as Govori his father was a professor and his mother was a housewife.
Artan since the age of 14 years old discovered his talent for concierge and registered in the city KF Drita team in 1996.
Artan has completed elementary and high school in Gjilan and is Registered in the University of Pristina Faculty of Physical Education.
Aratni has three sisters and a half brother Enver Latifi who is handball referee.
Latifi family is one of the most respected families in Gjilan and an intellectual family family who have originated from Govori tribe who believed that they had origins from a village Strezovc by Novo Brdo in eastern Kosovo.
Career Squad
Latif unless that team has played heart team KF Drita from Gjilan also for the football team consists of recognized Kosovo as KF KEK, KF Hysi, KF Besiana but only with KF Hysi and Drita has won titles. KF Drita winner Super League of Kosovo 2002/2003 and Kosovar Cup. KF Hysi winner Kosovar Cup 2009. Now at Drita he is the goalkeeper and is the Captain of the club too, and plays key roles is one of the best players in Kosovo. Latifi also played for the Kosovo national football team where there is present from 2002 to 2009 Under the direction of coach Edmond Rugova, Muharrem Sahiti and Albert Bunjaki which was present in the victory against Saudi Arabia in Ankara, Turkey. In 2010 President of KF Drita Saqip Shala offered the best offers to return to the club of his heart, but still not invited to the Kosovo national football team by coach Albert Bunjaki. Artan was part of Kosovo national football team from 2002 to 2009 but now when Kosovo is admitted to FIFA and UEFA remains to seen whether it will be no place in the National team. In 2010, Latifi moved to KF Drita which returned in the Football Superleague of Kosovo and autumn being declared champion sposnored by DEA Company.
Personal life
Latifi is married and has two children living in families in Gjilan and is one of the best goalkeepers in Kosovo.
Artan speaks four languages: English, Serbian, Albanian and Turkish.
Artan is fan of Real Madrid and favorite player of this team has superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, also finished the faculty of physical education
Politics career
In 2013 Latif candidates for municipal councilors in Kosovo local elections, 2013 Social Democratic Party of Kosovo, but did not receive the required quorum votes later suportted LDK which with 44% of votes won in Gjilan and Chairman Lutfi Haziri ending eight years of government of PDK and Qemajl Mustafa.
Honorurs and Title
*2001 Golden Medal
*2003 Golden Medal
*2009 Golden Medal
*2011 The Best athlete with the municipality of Gjilan
*2011 The Best Goalkeeper of 2011 in Kosovo
*2011 The Special acknowledgment of Football Federation of Kosovo
*2000-2001 winner Kosovar Cup
*2002-2003 winner Football Superleague of Kosovo
*2008-2009 winner Kosovar Cup
*2010-2011 winner Liga e Parë
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