Wathik Naji

Wathik Naji Jasim (born 1 July, 1940 in Baghdad, Iraq), is a former Iraqi national football player and Technical Manger (head coach) for the Iraq national football team. Naji managed the squad which qualified for the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

Academic Qualifications
He received Grad A Certificate for professional Football Coaching on 1978 from German Football Federation (DFB) in Frankfurt Germany. before that, in 1967 he awarded a Higher Diploma in Football and Sport Science from the German Academy of Physical Culture and Sports (DHfK) in Leipzig, Germany. In 1961 he completed his undergraduate study and got a Bachelor of Science from Baghdad Iraq.

Training Courses
He attended many professional courses such as Cologne 1973, London 1969 and Germany 1983.

Career as a Player
from 1958 to 1967 he was player in the Iraqi Premier League. From 1963 to 1966 he was Player in the Iraqi National Team.

Career as a Technical Manger
He would be appointed and re-appointed many times as the Iraq national Technical Manger, during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. As a Technical Manger (Head Coach) of Iraq National Team, he managed to achieved the following:


1973-1974 Iraq national team

1974-1975 Iraq national youth–won AFC Asian youth cup.

1979-1980 Iraq Olympic team -Qualified - MOSCOW

1985-1986 Iraq national team -Qualified to World Cup in MEXICO

1987-1988 Iraq national youth team -Qualified-Asian Championship Finals (U-16)

2002-2003 Iraq Olympic team

2003-2004 Consultant in the Iraq Football Association (technical committee)

As a Technical Manger of many teams he manged to achieve the following(Honours):

1982 Champion, Won IRAQ League Cup SALAH AL DEAN F.C.

1983 Champion, Won Indian Tournament Cup (Bombay)

1983 Champion, Won Tournament Arab Clubs (Jordan)

1987 AL ZAWRAH (Iraq)

1989, 1990, 1995, 1996 AL-WAHDAD (Jordan)- Qualified to ARAB Championship League, Egypt, Cairo 1996.

1998 AL-Nasser Club (Libya) - Qualified for ARAB Cup Winner finals (Lebanon 1998)

2000 AL-SUWAHLY F.C. (Libya) - Qualified for AFRICA Union Cup

2001 Kuala Lumpur F.C (Malaysia) - Qualified for Malaysian Cup

2002 AL-Bahrain (Bahrain)

2007/2008 Al- NAJMAH (Lebonan)

Wrote books for coaches
Wathik Naji worte so many books like:

1. Tactical problems during the game.

2. Small games.

3. Training matches controlling game sustaining pressures.

4. Set-play Defence and Attack.

5. TE and TA physical exercises.

6. Season planning in football.

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