Allen Henson

Allen Henson (born 1984) is an American photographer, dubbed "A Young Steven Meisel," and "The Bad Boy Photographer of New York." To date Henson has authored three published books, Two of which are with Anna-Lisa Wagner: Editorial on The Run, Editorial on The Rocks and Paraphalia.
Henson was enlisted in the US Army 22nd Infantry Regiment and served in Iraq. He was the center of international media coverage for his photo shoot on the Empire State Building with topless models. Henson later received additional coverage when he used his supreme court hearing for an additional photoshoot with five models wearing nothing but underwear, stockings and heels. Allen Henson responded to the Empire State Building with a countersuit of $5 Million. Similarly, Henson has used Grand Central Station and The Flat Iron Building as backdrops for his photography.
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