Sughada/sauvali" " is the personal servant of the Queen Gandari in the epic Mahabharata. She comes from the class vaisya. This character is not mentioned much in the Mahabharata , because she is afterall a maid.
In Mahabharata was told that Gandari never gave birth despite her age of pregnancy is more than nine months. Dretarastra, Gandari's husband, worried that his wife would not succeed in giving birth. Because of that, he's in touch with Sugada to get offspring. Sugada gave birth to a son named Yuyutsu.
Yuyutsu was born to Sauvali, a maid servant who attended Dhritarashtra and looked upon the royal household. Sauvali was not kshatriya but belonged to the vaishya class. She was appointed to look after Dhretarashtra when Gandhari was declared pregnant. Dhritarashtra was mesmerized by the maid’s charm and used her, both for his physical and sexual gratification. Thus, was born Yuyutsu, the dasi putra of Dhritarashtra.
No wonder, Dhritarashtra always wished of having a heir before his brother Pandu. So, while Gandhari couldn’t appease him with a heir, Sauvali, the maid did the needful by getting pregnant of Dhritarashtra’s child. 
Yuyutsu, however was born after Yudhishtir and the same day as that of Duryodhana. Thus, he was younger to Duryodhana, but elder to rest 99 sons and the only daughter of Dhritarashtra. So, while all the 101 children of Dhritarashtra were blue blood, Yuyutsu was a dasi putra as he was born to a dasi and not queen. 
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