2004 Demo

2004 Demo was the result of an abortive attempt by the remaining members of Lollipop Lust Kill (Pill, Evvy Pedder and Knits) to produce an independent follow-up album to 2002's My So Called Knife. Little of this material was ever officially released, although two songs, "She Was Told" and "Open Your Eyes" were made widely available through the band's official message board. An alternative version of "Eyes All Lies", a song that had been recorded during the My So Called Knife sessions had been written with additional lyrics, but it is unknown whether it had been recorded. "Dig Deeper" was the title of another track, but it was never released to the general public. Several other songs were written and recorded by the band (which by this time included Brian Tilse and Jay Jay of Rob Halford's outfit Fight), but their structure and titles would only be known to the band and a selective group of close friends. This collection would prove to the be the last body of material recorded by the band before their farewell show on June 4th, 2004. Pill and Evvy Pedder would hold out hope of resurrecting LLK for a few more months, but their efforts came to naught and both went their respective ways. Knits, Tilse and Jay Jay would resurface in Glass Pipe Suicide, but this band appears to be defunct now as well.
Known Tracks
#"She Was Told" (Lollipop Lust Kill) - 4:52
#"Open Your Eyes" (Lollipop Lust Kill) - 5:17
#"Dig Deeper" (Lollipop Lust Kill)
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