Tila Tequila debut album

Since mid-2006, Tila Tequila has been working on her debut album. She said in a blog on her official MySpace page that she was keeping everything under wraps until the release of the album. She recorded the whole album, which includes only songs written by her, in 2006 and was originally scheduled to release her first single, "Whattup," in January 2007. However, Tila eventually wrote the song I Love U and recorded it for her first single and debut album. This caused her first single to be pushed back to February 2007, around Valentine's Day. Later, Tila announced on her MySpace page that the single would be released on the digital music download system iTunes on February 27, 2007. As of January 2008, no official release date for the album has been announced.

On October 9, 2007, Tila released her second single, "Stripper Friends," via iTunes. She has also filmed a music video for the song.

*I Love U
*Stripper Friends

Track listing
*Tila recently stated that she was "saving all the best songs for album."
Possible tracks
# "Carz" (Produced by Jay E)
# "Mary Jane"
# "Step"
# "Sticky Situation"
# "Whipped"
# "Paralyze"
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