Mind In the Gutter

"Mind In the Gutter" is the debut single by Internet celebrity Chris Crocker. The song was co-written by Chris Crocker and produced by Jon Asher for Crocker's upcoming debut album Turned On. On his official blog, Crocker has stated that he would shoot a music video for the track.

The song was digitally released on iTunes August 29, 2008. With the song's release, Chris Crocker has made a public music MySpace page and uploaded a sample of the song.

Song Information
Chris Crocker, along with sources, had confirmed that he would be working on a music career in early 2008. The single contains a dance-pop sound with influences of pop-electonica blend.

The song was written by Chris Crocker along with independent singer/song writer Jon Asher.

# Mind In the Gutter 2:59

The song peaked #42 on iTunes Pop Chart just one day following its release.
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