Zippy Shell

Zippy Shell Incorporated, is a portable storage and moving company headquartered in Washington, D.C. Zippy Shell USA was launched in 2010 after it expanded to the United States from Australia.
Zippy Shell delivers a storage container directly to the end user's home or business. These steel containers are made of fiberglass and wood and delivered via a standard pickup truck.
Zippy Shell containers come in two sizes: 15 1/2-by-7-by-7 feet and 8-by-7-by-7 feet. Each container can hold up to 5,500 pounds. Zippy Shell containers are all registered vehicles. No special permitting is needed to use a Zippy Shell.
Zippy Shell was founded in 2007 in Australia by Gareth Taylor and Adam Gilchrist. As one of the first mobile storage businesses in the country, it operated in Australia for two years. After building a customer base of over 500 storage customers, it was sold as a Master Franchise to Grace Removal Group, a moving company.
In 2010, Zippy Shell USA, LLC, was launched in the United States and expanded to 49 locations in 87 different markets. In 2014, Zippy Shell expanded to 13 franchise sales that cover 19 territories. On May 27, 2014, Zippy Shell USA announced that the company had merged with Zippy Shell International, LLC.
Zippy Shell USA also operates Zip Move and ZippyU, both extensions of the brand. Zip Move ships containers across the country for customers who are moving from one Zippy Shell franchise location to another, while ZippyU provides college students with summer storage.
A few more franchises were added in 2014, including the Charlotte and Greenville, SC locations.
On June 4, 2015 Zippy Shell received a $25 million investment from Virgo Investment Group LLC.
After the investment, Mack McNair, a founding partner at Virgo Investment Group LLC joined the Zippy Shell Board as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors.
Joining the Board on June 10, 2015 was James Simpson.
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