Your Heart Breaks

Your Heart Breaks is a collaborative music project. It began in Bellingham, Washington in 1999.
The project has spread throughout the United States, but resides in Seattle, Washington when not on tour. They now have over 50 members in the lower 48 states and have produced seven albums. They are on six record labels: Plan-It-X Records, MASA, KELP!, Don't Stop Believin', Do It for the Girls Productions, and Whprwhil Records. Regular members include Clyde Petersen, Karl Blau, and Steve Moore of Earth. Participating musicians include artists such as Kimya Dawson, Forrest Baum, Dave Mathies, Laura Veirs, Cindy Wonderful of Scream Club and members of bands such as The Gift Machine, Winning Lasses, Palisades, Black Cat Orchestra, Team Gina, and Kickball. Their direct influences include queercore and they have also been described as indie rock, folk and punk, although an electronic influence is also obvious on some songs. Singer Clyde Petersen has been quoted as describing the band with the phrase: "We tell stories".
* America, Self-released, 2015
* Harsh Tokes and Bong Jokes, This Will be Our Summer Records, 2012
* Love Is A Long Dark Road (Love Is All You Need), MightyMo Records (cd release) and Lost Sound Tapes (cassette release) 2008
* Live In Berlin, Self-released, 2007
* Sailor System, Don't Stop Believin', 2006
* New Ocean Waves, Plan-It-X Records, 2006
* Tales from the Gimli Hospital, MASA Records, 2005
* Kittens, Self-released, 2001
* Hula-hoops, Self-released, 2000
* Robot tape, Self-released cassette, 1999
Singles and EPs
* split 7" with Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, Don't Stop Believin' Records, 2009
* split 7" with Madelaine, MightyMo Records, 2008
* split 7" with Webelos, Whprwhil Records, 2008
* split 7" with Paul Baribeau, Don't Stop Believin' Records, 2008
* Beer & Chai/In Your Room split EP with Steve Moore Agency,
* "Tour EP", 2003
* Free The Bird, What The Heck Fest Sampler Double CD, Kelp!
* Tallahassee Turns Ten: a Mountain Goats Cover Album (2012)
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