Ultra Violet Live

Ultra Violet Live is a live album by recording artist Stefani Germanotta before she became Lady GaGa from a live show from the exact name.
Released only in the United States of America Germanotta released the album for a promotion for the performance. Containing only 2 tracks, one was released as a single and was was a promotional single. The booklet has the album cover, 2 single covers (for both songs), and a message to the copies she gave out during the concert. The CD was nothing but a Memorex CD and in a white case, and when the CD was taken out, Stefani's name appeared in yellow.
The Message
The message to the fans said "Thank you for coming. It doesn't matter if I win or lose, As long as I have you it will be ok. Don't forget to by Red & Blue today. I love you" with a heart at the end. and it was signed by Stefani if you asked her to.
Captivated and Electric Kiss are the only two songs on the album. Funny Man was supposed to be on the album, but it wasn't preformed at the concert, so it wasn't included.
Captivated and Electric Kiss are both promotional singles from the album.
Track listing
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