Rod Kim

Rod Kim is a singer-songwriter from Wilmington, DE most widely known for his song, "Tomorrow She's Mine" featured on the hit video game "Rock Band" for Xbox 360., produced by Ritchie Rubini (The Crash Motive, Amanda Kaletsky, Ian Walsh, MTV “The Hills, Fox “So You Think You Can Dance,” MTV “True Life,” MTV “Parental Control,” Pearl Jam, Sting, Bruce Springsteen)and "By Now - Radio Version", also produced by Rubini. He has also been showcased at many festivals and conferences including Dewey Beach Music Conference, Popfest, Millenium Music Conference, SS Capemay among many others and toured over 75,000 miles in 2010 on a yearlong tour across the USA, crossing the country three times.
World Cafe Live
Made famous by the NPR radio show of the same name, World Cafe Live features major and up-and-coming musicians in its venue located in Philadelphia, PA. World Cafe Live has been very supportive of Rod Kim and his developing career. In January 2009, Rod Kim was announced the winner of week 2 at World Cafe Live's "New Songs For The New Year". He also was featured in the "beta hi-fi 2009" music festival.
Rod Kim was sponsored by Vision4Music in his early tours. Vision4Music produces and distributes interview DVDs by legendary songwriters and musicians such as Phil Keaggy, Brent Mason, Reggie Young and Steve Cropper.
Live From LaDue Auditorium (2005)
In 2005, five songs bootlegged from a live performance at LaDue Auditorium near St. Louis were released. This bootleg EP is rare and in limited print.
A Fortunate Consequence (2008)
On March 11, 2008, (three years to the date after "Live From LaDue Auditorium" was recorded) Rod Kim's debut studio album released. On this project, Rod was described as "a unique artist" avoiding the mistake of "abandoning their artistic vision in hopes of pleasing the listener" and "delivered with overall brutal honesty". The album release was followed by an extensive tour in promotion of the project that spanned the US as well as the UK. This project is rare and in limited print.
By Now - Radio Version (2009)
On August 4, 2009, Rod Kim debuted a reworked version of the previously released song "By Now" (from "A Fortunate Consequence"). The rework is described as a "radio version" and features bright pianos, heavy guitars and strong lead vocals in a newly arranged form differing from the original. "By Now (Radio Version)" debuted on 93.7FM WSTW in the Delaware Valley and has been supported by the station since.
I Heard The Bells/OMG It's Christmas (2009)
In the fall of 2009, Rod Kim released a reworked arrangement of a traditional Christmas carol, "I Heard The Bells" along with an original Christmas themed song, "OMG It's Christmas". "I Heard The Bells" quickly became a fan favorite with its unique arrangement featuring brief vignettes of other Christmas carols, news reports and new music composed by Rod Kim. "I Heard The Bells" debuted to radio on 93.7FM WSTW on December 6, 2009. Both were available for the 2009 holiday season as free downloads. A limited pressing of physical CDs were also available.
Tour 2010 EP (2010)
Available exclusively at live shows and from his official website, Rod Kim's "Tour 2010 EP" released to coincide with his 2010 national tour. This compilation features a new single, "Tomorrow She's Mine" along with a club remix of the previous single, "By Now (Po' Safe Reconstruct)" and four previously released tracks: "By Now (Radio Version)" - the previous single, "She's Running (Live)" from "Live From LaDue Auditorium", "Know You Are Loved" from "A Fortunate Consequence" and "I Heard The Bells" from the previous holiday season.
"Tomorrow She's Mine" debuted on 89.5 WGRN March 25, 2010 and released as a digital single on March 9, 2010 as well as a playable song on by Harmonix Music Systems and MTV Games shortly thereafter.
"By Now (Po' Safe Reconstruct)" was remixed by Jay$ of Rhyme Commission using elements of the original track. The remix released as a digital single on March 2, 2010.
She's Running (2010)
The single "She's Running" debuted on 93.7FM WSTW June 6, 2010 and became available exclusively on Rod Kim's website immediately after airing. The digital single later became available to other digital music outlets on June 22, 2010. "She's Running" was produced by Jesse Pennington of "Mission Lost" an electronic dance/rock project. The song debuted to mixed reviews due to its extreme stylistic departure of what was more characteristic of Rod Kim's past releases. Comments ranged from such praise as "... an outstanding track. Music was superb. Beats were good. Lyrics were good and well compiled with the song. Voice quality was the best I have heard so far..." to harsher opinions such as "hideous and irritating...bears no resemblance to anything I’d ever consider music…". Previously, the song was only released as a live cut appearing on the 2005 release, "Live From LaDue Auditorium".
All About You (2010)
"All About You: A Singles Collection, Volume 1" was released September 7, 2010 and available in physical CD format exclusively to Best Buy stores and in digital format with online music stores such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc. The collection includes a new lead track, "This Time (It's All About You)" as well as previous tracks, "By Now (Radio Version)", "Tomorrow She's Mine", "She's Running", a rework of "Coming Home" and a closing unplugged track entitled "Awkward Goodbye". "All About You" was awarded "EP of the Year" by 93.7FM WSTW in 2010.
==All About You - 12" Limited Edition LP (2011)==
In early 2011, a special limited edition vinyl record of "All About You" was released. This release features two bonus tracks in addition to the original track list. The included bonus tracks were "By Now (Po' Safe Reconstruct)" which was previously available and "This Time (Encore)" which was previously unavailable and only released on this vinyl edition. "This Time (Encore)" is a reworked/rerecorded of a previously recorded track that features fans clapping, shouting and speaking about inspiration. This recording included Dr. Michael Johnson, Marty Yoder, Tyler Barker, Derick Gregory, Ben Conner, Rachel Greenwood, Michael Mason and Tyler Law with an introduction by close friend Paxton Dowell. The limited edition release was pressed on yellow vinyl and includes autographed liner notes and an audio cassette of the standard edition of "All About You".
To Love And Be Loved (2012)
"To Love And Be Loved: A Couples Collection, Volume 2" was released April 28, 2012 at an event held at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE. This EP was co-written with Rod's best friend Vince Cirino whom also helped bring Rod out of a bout of depression in 2011 following the success of "All About You". The duo wrote primarily about their respective relationships with past and current women in their lives. The lead single "There Is Only You" was debuted on 93.7FM WSTW weeks prior to the physical CD and digital release of the full project. "To Love And Be Loved" is available in physical CD format and in digital format with online music stores such as iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc. The digital editions of the project include exclusive bonus interview tracks with the artist, producer and co-writer of the project.
*2005: Live From LaDue Auditorium (eMbloH Music)
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*2011: All About You: A Singles Collection, Volume 1 - 12" Limited Edition LP (Minus Ten Plus One Records)
*2012: To Love And Be Loved: A Couples Collection, Volume 2 (Minus Ten Plus One Records)
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