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Dr. Yau Wing-Kwong JP (1957- ) is a current appointed member of Tai Po District Council in Hong Kong Special Administration Region, Chairman of the Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee and Chief Executive Officer of The Environmental Association, a Non-profit making NGO promoting wildlife conservation and environmentally friendly policy in Hong Kong. He is a recipient of the Chief Executive's Commodation for Community Service and became a Justice of The Peace (JP) in 2012.
Early Years
Yau is born and brought up in Tai Po, born into a family of the indigenous farmer of Hong Kong with history traced back to hundreds of years. Yau attended Ying Wa College before completing a diploma in Mechanical Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 1984, Yau moved to London, United Kingdom, to further his education. Yau completed his BSc with First Class honours and in 1994, also completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary College, University of London, supported by Drapers Scholarship and the British Gas. Yau worked in the Power industry and environmental field, including GEC Alsthom, HK Electric, and other consultancy works. Yau moved back to Hong Kong shortly afterwards, to bring in new technologies, renewable energies and energy conservation.
Environmental Association(ex Tai Po Environmental Association)
In 1997, Yau Wing Kwong founded the Tai Po Environmental Association and aims to promote environmental education and conservation action through workshops, training, activities and public participation. A registered charity, the mission is made possible through the passion of volunteers, support of local community, and devotion of our staffs. The initial project of the NGO was to lobby the government to stop a further land-reclaim projects at Tolo Harbour, Tai Po. The NGO then gained wide scale recognition in 2000 when Yau organised mural painting at Tolo Harbour, covering 300 metres with over 30 organisations took part in the event. Similar events were also held at the Hong Kong Science Park and Wong Tai Sin Park.
In 2005, Tai Po Environmental Association successfully set up a model of conservation method of tri-partite cooperation between private land owner - Green Group - Government, in ecological conservation of private land. This advocated a 'New Natural Conservation Policy' policy, creating the first ever (Fung Yuen) Butterfly Reserve in Hong Kong.
In 2011, Yau and his NGO opened the first local Geopark education Centre in Hong Kong. This helped to facilitate the successful application of UNESCO Global Geopark Hong Kong, PR China.
The NGO also commissioned a LOHAS carbon reduction project that creates a 'butterfly effect' followed by 6 out of 18 districts of Hong Kong. The Other education centres including LOHAS Cheung Chau, E-Wise Discovery Centre and Plastic Recycling Centre have been opened to visitors across Hong Kong.
Tai Po Environmental Association has since renamed to Environmental Association.
Tai Po District Member
In 2007, the government appointed Yau as a member of the Tai Po District, he currently sits as an independent.
Membership of Other Government Advisory Bodies
#Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee, Chairman
#Town Planning Board, Member
#New Territories Heung Yee Kuk, Committee Officer
#Consultation Panel of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority
#Tai Po District Council, Member
#Visiting Professor, VTC
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