Yannis Grammaticopoulos

Yannis Grammaticopoulos is an artist cosmograph-painter (father of the 'Cosmographiki'), watercolourist, cosmo poet, aesthetic-philosopher and Greek writer (Athens, 1928).
In order to singularize its post-abstract painting which is base upon the cosmic rhythm of the ' coexistence of the contraries', the artist decided during the 70's to name it ' coexistential Cosmographiki'. From this derives a serial of words and expressions such as: cosmography, cosmogrammes, cosmographer, cosmitisation or the conscience, cosmic revolution, dialectic of the coexistence in art … which will be used by the artist in his writing.
Preferably working within the triangle, Athens-Paris-Brussels, the artist has exhibited his work in 36 personal shows (until 2009), numerous group exhibition, temporal display, fair and international show - since 1970 the exhibition brochures are including writing from the artist and were underlined in 1976 with the important 'Antimanifest'.
The Artist was born in Athens.
1952 Graduated from The Académie des Beaux-Arts of Athens.
1957 Financial help from the University of Athens for foreign artistical study
1957-58 Painting and Fresco at the Académie des Beaux-Arts of Paris.
1957 Final settling in Paris. (Starting from 1967, he is living and working in Paris and Brussels).
Artistic show
35 personal exhibitions and numerous long term group presentation in museum and public establishment - Palace of Zappas in Athens, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Palais Galliera (Paris), Grand Palais (Paris), Maison de la Culture du Havre (France), Palais des Beaux-Arts (Brussels), Cultural Center of Janina's Mayor office (Grèce), 'Technopolis' Athens' Mayor office, Pinacothèque of the Cyclades (Syros-Grèce), etc. …, in Gallery - Charpentier Gallery,' Ecole de Paris',1962 Art Gallery 'Epipeda', Athens, in exclusivity for Greece since 1982 -, in 'Fairs'- FIAC de Paris, Art Actuel de Brussel, LINEART in Gand (Belgique)-, Banks, Hotel - Banque Nationale de Grèce (Paris), Credit Bank of Athens, Hôtel Meurice (Paris), Kieron Hotel in Karditsa (Grèce), Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Myconos (Grèce), Minois Village Hotel in Paros (Grèce), Poséidon Hotel in Paros (Grèce)-, Commercial centre, Liners et Ferry-boats -Olympia Liner,SS France Liner, Superferry II des Cyclades -as well at the Greek Ambassy of Paris, and the Design Studio of Volvo Cars in Barcelona.
Personal exhibitions
1956 French Institut of Athens, Exhibition Room.
1963 Galerie de l’Université, Paris
1965 'Tableaux déshumanisés', Galerie de l’Université, Paris.
1968 <Infini du Possible>, Galerie de l’Université, Paris.
<Vue de l’Invisible>, Château de Flavignerot, Dijon.
1971 'Intuition et Création' , Galerie de l’Université, Paris.
1973 'Peinture Cosmique' , Aspect Gallery, Brussels.
1974 'Dialectique Coexistentielle Plastique', Galerie de l' Université, Paris.
1975 'Les trois réalités' , Horta Gallery, Athens.
1976 'Antimanifeste', Galerie de l’Université, Paris.
1977 Hôtel Meurice, Paris. (one man show).
1979 'Cosmographie et Cosmogrammes', Galerie de l’University, Paris.
1980 'Cosmographie et Cosmogrammes 2',Salle d'Art d'Athenes. Gallery.

1981 National Greek Bank in France, Paris. (one man show ).
1982 'Cosmographiki' , Epipeda Art Gallery of Athens.
1984 'Révolution Cosmique', Epipeda Art Gallery of Athens.
1985 '9e Foire d’Art Actuel', one man show of Epipeda Art Gallery of
Athens, in the Palais des Beaux- Arts, Brussels.
1985 'Révolution Cosmique 2', Montjoie Gallery, Brussels.
1986 'Elargissements Cosmiques', Epipeda Art Gallery, Athens.
1988 'LINEART- Foire d’Art Internationale', 'one man show'of the <Montjoie> Gallery, Flanders Expo, Gent.
1987 'Ouvertures Polydirectionnelles ', Montjoie Gallery, Brussels.
1991 'Dynamique du Vide', Epipeda Art Gallery, Athens.
1995 'Cosmographiki (2)', Epipeda Art Gallery, Athens.
1997 'Phenoménologie de lumière-couleurs-espace', Epipeda Art Gallery,
1998 'Cosmographiki coexistentielle', Cultural Center of Janina’s Mayor's office, Greece.
2002 'Cosmographiki coexistentielle (2)', Retospective, <Technopolis> of Athens’Mayor's office.
2003 'Cosmographies', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
Group exhibitions
1942 First artistical presentation : Exhibition room of the National
Radiophonical Organisation , Athens.
1947 Group exhibition of Greek artists, French Institute of Athens.
1957 '5th Artistical Panhellenic Art Exhibition', Zappas Palas, Athens.
1958 'Greek Artist of Paris', Nord Gallery, Paris.
'Greek Artist', 'Olympia' cruiser. (Mediterranean cruise). <Norbeg> Gallery, Paris.
'L’Art à Forest', Communal House of Forest, Brussels.
1961 'La Grèce à Paris', Art Gallery of 'Printemps'Shops, Paris.
1962 'Peintres et Sculpteurs', Modern Art Museum of Paris.
<Prix Suisse', Kasper gallerie, Lausanne . (participation through invitation).
'Ecole de Paris', Charpentier Gallery, Paris.
1963 'Prix Victor Choquet', Art Museum of Paris City.( participation through invitation).
1965 '8th Panhellinic Artistical Exhibition', Zappas Palace, Athens.
1966 'Centenaire de Toulouse Lautrec', organized by Michel Tapié in the Liner
<France>-Mediterranean cruise- and organized in the <Palais Galliéra >of Paris.
1968-69 <Galerie des Prêts>, Maison de la Culture of the Havre.
1970 Drawing exhibition,Galerie de l’Université, Paris.
1974 '1 Dessin, 1 Peinture + 1 Regard vers le passé', Galerie de l'Universite, Paris.
1977 Miroirs et Horizons', Castel of Tramblay, Fontenoy-en-Puisaye (France).
1977-78 'Paul Ide Gallery', Brussels.
1979 'FIAC 79', Galerie de l’Université stand, Grand Palais, Paris.
1982 Group Exhibition,'Cultural Center of Pancrati', Athens.
'Tendances non-icôniques et structures plastiques', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
'Microformat et Microformes',Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1983 'Microformat et Microformes ‘83',Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1984 Serigrafy exhibition,Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
'Contemporary Greek and Roumanian artists',Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
'Microformats and Microformes ‘84',Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1985 'Galerie des Galeries', Montjoie Gallery participation, Brussels.
'Peintue -Tendances Contemporaines', for the exhibition 'Athens European Cultural Capital',Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
'Salon d’ouverture'of Montjoie Gallery, Brussels.
'Petits Formats', Montjoie Gallery, Brussels.
'Microformats et Microformes ‘85', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1986 'Microformats et Microformes ‘86', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1987 '1987 Panhellenic Artistical Exhibition', O.D.P. Exhibition Center, Pireus.
<Microformats et Microformes ‘87', 'Epipeda' Gallery, Athens.
1988 'Neolithic Art', National Bank's collection, Cultural Institute, National Pinacothéque of Greece.
'Opening day', new buildings of Pasteur Institute in Greece, Athens.
'Greece, Athletism, Culture', Costis palmas building, University of Athens.
'1rst Mediterranean Biennale of grafic Art', Merabello, Creta.
National Pinacotheque's Collection, C.E.E building, Brussels.
'Miniatures d’Artistes Contemporains', Montjoie Galerie, Brussels.
'Microformats et Microformes ‘88', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1989 Artists of the 'Monjoie' Gallery in the 'Centre Louise ', Brussels.
'L'Esprit et le Corps', Zappas Palace, Athens.
( Honnor guest of the Cultural ministry).
'Exposition Alternative de Groupe', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
'Microformats et Microformes 89', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1990 'Microformats et Microformes 89', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1991 'Papiers', Montjoie Gallery, Brussels>
'Microformats et Microformes 91', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1992 Group exhibition, 'Psychikon' Gallery, suburb of Athens. (8 participant).
'Painting-Carving' exhibition, 'Psychikon' Gallery, suburb of Athens. (16 participant).
'Microformats et Microformes 92', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1993 'Microformats et Microformes 93', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1994 Group exhibition, 'KIERION' hotel, Kardista, Northern Greece.
Group exhibition, Painting and Carving, 'CAVO TAGOO' Hotel, Mykonos, Greece (Cyclades).
'Microformats et Microformes 94', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1995 'Painting-Carving' exhibition, Island Gallery. (with the contribution of
Epipeda Art Gallery of Athens), Vouliagmeni, Greece.
'Microformats et Microformes 95', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1996 Group exhibition 'Confrontation III', Synthese Gallery, Brussels.
'Microformats et Microformes 96', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
1999 'Microformats et Microformes', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
Group exhibition, 'Pasteria' and 'Papagalino' (with the contribution of
Epipeda Art Gallery of Athens), Cholargos, suburb of Athens.
2000 'Microformats et Microformes', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
2001 'Painting, Carving and Engraving of Norvegien, Islander and Greek of Paris, Municipal Pinacotheque of Pieridi>, Glyphada, suburb of Athens.
2002 'Microformats et Microformes 2002 ', Epipeda Gallery, Athens.
Long Term exhibitions
Galerie de l'Universite, 1961-80,
Paris -Jean Mermoz Gallery, 1962
Paris -Jacques Desbriere- Gallery, 1976/77,
Paris -Arago Gallery, 1976, Athens -Cyrus- Gallery, 1977,
Paris - General Ambassy of Greece, personal exhibition from 1978 to 1981,
Paris - Astor Gallery, 1979,
Athens - Pascal Dellattre Gallery, 1981,
Brussels - Athens' Bank of Credit, personal exhibition from 1982 to 1983,
Athens - Epipeda Art Gallery, personal exhibition since 1982,
Athens - Greece Ambassy, exhibition from 1982 to 1983,
Paris - Maison du Meuble, personal exhibition from 1985 to 1997,
Kolonaki, Athens - Montjoie, 1986 ,
Brussels - Diastassi ( modern funiture exhibition center), personal show from 1986 to 1987,
Kissifia, suburb of Athens - Psychillon Art Gallery, exhibition during the gallery opening in 1992, suburb of Athens - Bitter Cafeteria, group exhibition from 1996 to 2000,
Nea Smyrni, Athens - Epipeda>Art Gallery, <Summer Exhibition>, 2000,
Athens - Epipeda Gallery, '6 Abstract Artist', 2000
Athens - Epipeda, exhibition of 6 artist of the Gallery, 2001,
Athens - 'Technopolis' of Athens' Mayor's office, building D10, exhibition of '4 Cosmoraphies' during a television broadcast, the 16th of March 2002,
Athens, reception office of Volvo Strategic Design Barcelona, Spain since 1993.
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Articles in magazines, newspaper, books from art historian and journalist
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Paintings at the Modern Art Museum of Paris, the Greek ministry of Culture, the National Pinacotheque of Greece, the Pinacotheque of Athens' Mayor's office, the Cultural Center of Northern National Greek Bank (Thesalonique), Ion Vorres Museum, the<Institut Pasteur> of Greece, the Apollo Palace Hotel - Rio Beach (Corfou), the Modern Art Pinacotheque (Messologhi) and as well in various private collections in Greece, France, U.S.A, Belgium, England, Portugal, Italia, etc …
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