Y. K. Raghunatha Rao

Y. K. Raghunatha Rao (23 June 1906 - 5 December 2006) was a biochemist and chemical engineer. He graduated from IISc, Bangalore in 1928. He was a retired official from CFTRI, Mysore, Karnataka. He was involved in setting up hundreds of sugar factories and distilleries in India. One of the sugar factories that he set up was Mysugar, Mandya sugar factory. He traveled to Europe in the early 1950s to exchange and collaborate with European chemical engineers.
Y. K. Raghunatha Rao was born in the princely state of Mysore. He carried out post-graduate studies at the Royal Institute of Science, Bombay and obtained an M.Sc., degree in Chemistry at Bombay University, First Class with distinction, being First in First. Later as research Scholar he obtained A.I.I.Sc., from The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in the Year 1931. He was an organic chemist and a chemical Engineer and was elected Life Member of The Institution of Chemical Engineers, U.K.
He designed and built sugar factories and Distilleries in India at Mandya, Mysore State and large distilleries at Simbhaoli and Sitapur in U.P. He was a scientist in CFTRI, Mysore and made several inventions in food science and engineering and was responsible for developing methods for extraction of rice bran oil. He was member of the adhoc Parliamentary committee of India for implementing food engineering projects. He was member of the ISI standards committee of India.
In later years he took out patents for thermic refining of oils, bio-diesel and Petrohol processes. He was a chemical engineering consultant to food industries and distilleries.
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