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Worm Day is a holiday celebrated internationally on March 15 (also known as the Ides of March). On years when March 15 falls on a weekend, Worm Day is typically observed on either the preceding Friday or following Monday, based on the whim of the holiday's creator, Dr. Lee Perry. Those who participate in the holiday celebrate by eating gummy worms or desserts incorporating worm candy. The highlight of the celebration involves creating worm-themed artwork which is then faxed or emailed to Dr. Perry, who then redistributes the work to all celebrants, wishing all a Happy Worm Day.


According to legend, the first Worm Day was celebrated on a cold rainy day in March of 1991 after the residents of Beaver County Pennsylvania spent the day unwittingly smashing worms during their commute to work. On his drive to work at the hospital, Dr. Lee Perry noticed the soggy corpses of countless worms that had been forced above ground by the rain, and were subsequently slaughtered by passing motorists.

Dr. Perry and the nurses in the labor and delivery unit at the Beaver Valley Medical Center started what would eventually turn into an epic joke about the worms. The next day Dr. Perry brought in a large sheet cake decorated with a depiction made of frosting of a tire track squashing several gummy worms. He declared the day "Worm Day," which caught on quickly throughout the medical center.

On March 15th of the following year, Dr. Perry brought in another cake (frosted by himself, his wife and his three children), and the labor and delivery unit celebrated the second annual Worm Day. The holiday became an annual tradition. Over the years, the celebration expanded from the labor and delivery unit to thirteen other departments in the hospital. Many people got creative with their Worm Day festivities, sending faxes to the office with artistic renditions of worms and making special Worm Day treats.


The oldest worm day custom, eating worm-themed desserts, originated on the same day the holiday was invented, March 15, 1991. On that day, Dr. Lee Perry brought to the hospital a cake decorated with a tire track and squashed gummy worms (see Origins of Worm Day). Since that day, it has become customary to celebrate the day by eating various worm-themed desserts, including Oreo Dirt (http://www.cooks.com/rec/view/0,179,147178-251206,00.html ), Worm Cupcakes, (http://jas.familyfun.go.com/recipefinder/display?id50064 50064> ), Worm Parfait, (http://wormsofendearment.blogspot.com/2004/01/worm-desserts.html ) and plain old-fashioned gummy worms.

The custom of sending worm-themed e-mails and faxes originated a few years after the inception of the holiday. It started as an exchange of faxes between the Labor and Delivery department and the Operating Room of the Beaver County Medical Center. Over the years, the tradition grew to include many others. Dr. Perry now receives worm day faxes and e-mails from across the United States, and even receives international correspondence from participants in Spain, Mexico, and Argentina.

A worm Queen is also designated annually. This tradition began in the Beaver County Medical Center Labor and Delivery department, but has since been relocated to Flint, Michigan.

Notable Worms in History

Many famous worms have made their appearance in Worm Day artwork and coresondence. Notable worms (as interpreted by Worm Day celebrants) include, but are not limited to, the following:

Slimey - Slimey the worm is a resident of Sesame Street and best friend of Oscar the Grouch. Though small in size, Slimey is known for his big love of adventure and extreme activities. One of the most heroic of all muppets, Slimey was the first worm to ever travel in space.

The Worm - A confusingly popular dance move, "The Worm" was apparently born in the 1920s, but was popularized by the 1980s break dancing craze. While most serious dancers and breakers have long since abandoned "the Worm," it still makes regular appearances at open-bar weddings.

Tequilia Worm - This "gusano" first met its fate thanks to a marketing gimmick in the 1940s. Now, it is primarily used by Mexican locals to con annoying tourists into sucking down moth larva.

Bookworm - Though many people use the phrase "bookworm" to refer to a person who loves to read, Bookworm is actually a worm with large glasses that lives inside books. Like the owl, he's very wise and is often sought after for his sound advice.

Dennis Rodman - aka "Worm"

Glo Worm - This cuddly Playskool toy originated in 1982, but has had various reincarnations over the years. Glo Worm has dedicated its life to community outreach, education children everywhere that worms are worthy of love, too.

Sandworm - A sci-fi favorite, the Sandworm has starred in multiple motion pictures. Though largely a horror genre worm, the Sandworm showed his comedic side in 1988's Beetlejuice. He has a reputation in the Hollywood community as an affable jokester.


Though celebrated across the globe for nearly two decades, Worm Day has thus far failed to garner a mainstream reputation. Indeed, there are those who would consider the concept of the celebration "patent nonsense." It is hoped that the unearthing of historical artwork and other artifacts of Worm Day past will help convince the world of its legitimacy, and thus raise awareness for the poor, soggy, trod-upon earthworm.

Other Worm Days

Australia's National Worm Day (May 4).

Cordova Ice Worm Day (Feb 3).[http://www.islandnet.com/~see/weather/almanac/arc2002/alm02mar.htm]

Gummy Worm Day (July 15).[]
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