Vardaraj Shetty

Vardaraj Shetty (known as Raj Shetty) is the founder, chairman and managing director of the Ramee Group of Hotels, Resorts & Apartments and the Ramee Group of Companies. The Ramee Group started operating in the early 1990s and now comprises 42 hotels in the Persian Gulf region and India.
Early life
Born in Kundapur, near Udupi in Karnataka, on Oct. 13, 1960, Raj Shetty, as first of the three children, lived with his family in Mumbai for the early part of his life. He started his studies at Kalavara Primary School. His entire family was into the restaurant and food business and he wanted to be an hotelier ever since he was a child. He lost his father when he was 13, and began working at a young age. When he was 18, he moved to Dubai.
He invested in Al Ras in Deira, Dubai, his first hotel. From 1997 onwards he operated the Ramee Group of 42 hotels, apartments and resorts internationally. Regent Palace Hotel is the flagship hotel of the Group.
His team opened Ruka Lounge, a Japanese restaurant, in Bahrain (2014) and India (2016).
Ramee Group started operating the 5* Hotels Category since the launch of the Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa in Bahrain.
Following the successful opening of the Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, their first 5-star property in Bahrain, the company is now expanding into the luxury market with another luxury property in Pune, India. Other 5-star projects in the pipeline are also located in Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Indore. The chain is also refining its mid-range offering through the introduction of the Ramee Rose concept, with projects underway in Abu Dhabi, Chennai, and Mumbai.
Ramee Group is actively engaged in the real estate development, hotel management contracting and travel agency operations.
The group employs more than 5,000 employees from 15 countries.
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