TransiTALK (Also known as TTMG) is a web-based group dedicated to providing transportation enthusiasts with online media entertainment and content. It was founded in 1998 by Trevor Logan, and has since grown into one of the frequented transit hobbyist site
Starting as “Trevors Bus Page” in 1998, the site originally hosted bus pictures taken by the webmaster. Inspired by a similar transit oriented, the website was created to fill a void with the lack of bus photography within the New York City area. In August 2000, “Trevors Bus Page” merged with KayBee's Page, MCIMAN2000 Page & DHP Transit Digital and became TransiTALK.
Over the years, Transitalk has gone through a series of name changes:
*TransiTALK from August 2000 to February 2001, June 2002 to March 2004
*TransiTALK America from February 2001 to February 2002
*TransiTALK International from February 2002 to June 2002
In March of 2004, TransiTALK officially became TransiTALK Transportation Media Group or TTMG for short. Despite going through several name changes, the word TransiTALK was always a permanent fixture of the site and is now the trademark of TTMG.
The site itself does a yearly average af 14 Million hits a year (Monthly average of 1.2 Million hits) @ 901.1GB of bandwidth (Monthly average of 75GBs of Bandwidth). Most people connect to the site via Direct Address or Bookmarks (56%), while 4.5% comes from searches on sites like Google or Yahoo and the other 38% from Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines).
TTMG currently hosts over 8,100 pictures in its database from transit agencies all over the United States, Canada and most recently the United Kingdom. Pictures are sorted by mode of transportation, manufacturer, and operators. All member photos are screened to ensure high quality prior to being accepted. Recently the site began to host public content, where non TTMG staff can post pictures on a public forum.
Aside from pictures, the website hosts an array of transit related audio recordings and videos. The site gains its notoriety through its music videos, showcasing the photography and moving images of the staffers. For a few months in 2006, the site hosted a monthly zine called “FanFare” showcasing the transport industry news. Despite gaining popularity, the zine stopped when the site went through a system crash and was never restarted. The zine is expected to re-debut in early 2009.
TTMG currently employs a staff referred of 36 people, also referred to as teamsters. TTMG teamsters work on a volunteer basis, and are chosen by their photography skills and willingness to learn. In order to maintain a level of quality control, TTMG has a strict policy against teamsters divulging group information to outsiders. At it’s height, TTMG employed 45 staffers. Despite having down periods in the sites operation, the staff remains close knit and dedicated to their work.
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