Tom Kaulitz

Tom Kaulitz , (born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, Germany), two months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, is a German musician, currently guitarist-composer-pianist of the band Tokio Hotel. He is the twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, singer-songwriter of the group.
At the age of 6 years, Tom Kaulitz received his first guitar from his stepfather. He had to save for 4 years to buy his own guitar. It begins to play seriously at age 7. He is encouraged by his brother and his stepfather, who himself played in a rock band.
Between 9 and 12 years, Tom and his brother Bill quickly adopt a look and appear to be causing "real rebel in the system (especially the school system). Indeed, at the age of 11, Tom started his dreadlocks hairstyle because he's had enough of people saying that he looks like a girl because of his long, blond hair. The tandem voice ropes that are respectively while Bill and Tom works pretty well. At the age of 10, Bill created the song "Leb die Sekunde" (Live the second") that appear on the first album Schrei in 2007, and is still on the agenda of concerts by the group.
In 2001, Tom met Bill and Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing them presents. These become the drummer and bassist of the group. Together they formed the band "Devilish" ("Demon") which will be renamed in 2005 Tokio Hotel, while the band signed a contract with record label Universal Music.
From late 2008 until August 2009 and that Tom will retire from public life to concentrate on producing a new album. He will work on the composition of music around texts written by his brother Bill Kaulitz. It will continue this work in 2009 with a team of four German producers usual, including David Jost, their manager. They will collaborate with The Matrix for four songs and Guy Chambers for two reasons. The Matrix is the trio of U.S. producers (including Lauren Christy), who produced albums for Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera and Korn. Guy Chambers is a British producer, known for his long partnership with Robbie Williams. Of the 25 songs originally selected, 16 will be selected for the Humanoid album, of which 14 will be produced in English and German. Tom is also on the piano during the break. It is a duet with his brother (voice and piano) on the song of the album Zoom Humanoid. (Zoom into me for the English version). The twins Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz are co-producers of the album Humanoid. Tom reappear late August 2009 with the band Tokio Hotel, Cologne Germany, where they will give a private concert during which they sing their first single from the album (Automatisch in German and English Automatic), which will be released until sometime in September 2009.
Humanoid The album was released in early October 2009 around the world in two versions (English and German). Their European tour Welcome to humanoid city tour followed, 22 February 2010 to April 14, 2010.
Tom is the guitarist but also the composer. He is also principal choruses in "Wo sind eure Hände" song of the 2nd album Zimmer 483 and for fans. It is also the songwriter of the song "Schwarz" the band's first album Schrei. This song is about a world scale, "behind us everything is black, for the darkness". The adventure he had with a fan would have inspired the song "Reden" the second album Zimmer 483. These are the words of Tom himself. But Tom hates interviews and answered mostly joking about everything. But he remains serious about his passion, music and the band Tokio Hotel.
Tom Kaulitz a piercing in the left lower lip. It is recognizable by his dreadlocks and his hip-hop (baggy shirt and XXL). Tom is very different from his twin brother Bill, whose style is rather dark. But since mid-2009, he sports dyed black braids and earrings.
Tom was to evolve as a guitarist and composer in a German rock band, yet it has all musical tastes, and facing toward rap and hip-hop. His favorite artists are Samy Deluxe German rapper and Snoop Dogg. His musical tastes are very different from those of his brother. But he likes rock bands like Codplay, Foo Fighters and Oasis. The Aerosmith remains a reference for him. His favorite song is Samy Deluxe.
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