Thomas reed thompson

Thomas Reed Thompson (born 15 December in Tampa, Florida) is a Author of How to Build the Perfect Computer. Featured on and among various others.
Thomas Thompson, first started a computer business in 2005, selling low end computers to consumers and small businesses. Incorporated. The company was sold in 2006 to a small investment company.
During the same year in 2006, Thompson while in college, was working on a computer book called "how to build the perfect computer". Thompson completed the book in 2007 and published with Heliographica Press. But the company went out of business the same year.
In late 2008 Thompson's book "How to Build the Perfect Computer", was published with another publisher, Lulu Publishing. Thompson's "How to Build the Perfect Computer" went on to sell more than a 100,000 copies within the first month of sales. This is a feat for any author writing self help books. Thompson's book How to Build the Perfect Computer was featured on a special on CNBC. On Nov 19, 2008 Thomas Thompson's book was displayed in Times Square and in Las Vegas.
Thomas Thompson is currently working on his memoir. My life and spaces, due out in 2010.
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