Sally Ramage

Sally Ramage (or Sally Dabydeen or Sally Sookram) (born April 18,1952) is a British attorney and author of legal books, articles and academic papers on Corporate Crimes, Intellectual Property, and Civil Liberties. She annotated the Fraud Act 2006 and the International Development Act 2006 for Current Law Statutes. She is also the Editor of "The Criminal Lawyer", an accredited news-letter published by Tottel Publishing, London.
Ramage earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and a Masters in Business Administration at Glamorgan, a Master of Laws at Staffordshire, and a Masters of Philosophy at Wolverhampton.
In addition to editing and writing for "The criminal Lawyer", Ramage has self-published 13 law books. Her most recent published book is: Fraud Law, Procedure, and Investigation; by Ramage and Williams, published by Oxford University Press (2009).


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1. 19-12-2010 00:34
How many women do you know who have struggled like Sally Ramage? Ramage went to university on two elbow crutches, balancing her law books in plastic carrier bags hooked onto her elbow crutches... 
This world is a very cruel world- none more so that the Englishman.

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