Tania Peitzker

Tania Peitzker, (born 1 March 1970), is a writer, literary scholar, publicist, digital marketer and business development expert. Dr Peitzker is also an investor in high tech, specifically web-based Artificial Intelligence as defined by the Turing test when a robot or "chatbot" seems humanlike.
Business & technology interests
Peitzker has become an expert - as a public speaker and commentator on Artificial Intelligence - in chatterbot or chatbot technology due to her co-ownership of velmai Company Limited, which incorporated the two beta test sites and Intellectual Property of myownreporter.com and viledge.com in 2015. velmai's AI bots can be considered a disruptive innovation and its 2012-2014 releases "Charlie" and "Sophia" utilise variations of the code or algorithm VAIP (Virtual Artificial Intelligence Patois), which is held by velmai in the UK.
A fully commercialized version of a sales and marketing chatbot was beta tested in June 2015 for a food retailer's eshop in the UK. "Sir Loin, Your Virtual Butcher", is a simplified, scaled back version of "Charlie" the newsreader from myownreporter.com. Sir Loin is being converted into a new avatar and bespoke AI bot for the Canadian instant messaging platform Kik Messenger where the new velmai character is to be released in January 2016.
Broadcasting & reporting
From 1989 to 1990 in Australia, she became known for the country's first regular radio show devoted to female composers of classical music from around the globe, "Why Not Women?". The monthly radio programme was broadcast live on the public radio station for classical music, 4MBS in Brisbane, Queensland, and was created in collaboration with the International League of Women Composers (ILWC) in New York, USA.
During this intensive period of community and volunteer work in broadcasting, Peitzker pioneered the establishment of the first Australian archive for the original recordings of contemporary compositions and historic classical music by women composers from around the world, most of which the American ILWC had sent to 4MBS in the 1980s and 1990s.
She was also the initiator of a live, free public concert featuring the acclaimed Brisbane composers, Mary Mageau and Betty Beath, whose classical music was performed by local musicians in the auditorium of the State Library of Queensland. The concert took place through Peitzker getting sponsors, State Government patronage and organizing the performances by other volunteers, as an extension of her work as a community broadcaster at 4MBS, then based on a local university campus.
In the early 2000s, Dr Peitzker was a regular correspondent for the London-based Times Higher Education Supplement, now THE, reporting on R&D and tertiary education issues from Berlin, Zurich and the United Nations' departments in Geneva. She also featured in a supplement of The Wall Street Journal Europe as a guest writer for Business Education, specifically MBAs offered in the EU compared with American Masters of Business courses.
Academic achievements & publications
Dr. phil. Peitzker was awarded a PhD in 2000 by the University of Potsdam for her Cultural Studies analysis of the twentieth-century Australian author, Dymphna Cusack. The ebook publication of this doctoral work was released by kindle on Amazon in September 2015.
In 1998, her doctoral research won the inaugural "Australia Award" of the International Federation of University Women in Geneva, Switzerland. The IFUW prize and grant had been created especially to acknowledge Peitzker's first empirical study and poststructuralist analysis of the internationally known humanitarian Dymphna Cusack, who had been a widely respected public cultural figure throughout the Cold War in Europe.
In 2012, Australia's largest independent publishing house Allen & Unwin created a national revival of Dymphna Cusack, whose work had been largely out of print for decades, making her a "forgotten author". A year before, Cusack was included as one of only eleven authors to be given a brass plaque on the Sydney Writers' Walk of fame at Circular Quay.
Plays, poetry and writing
In the field of drama, Tania Peitzker wrote and directed "Life with Marion" (1990) which ran for two seasons due to its popularity: one at the Metro Arts Theatre's dance studios and another at the University of Queensland's Cement Box Theatre. "Life with Marion" deals with contemporary society's ideas of love, religion, health and family. The three-act play was first produced through government and university grants, while its second season was funded by box office revenue.
Peitzker later wrote "Gargoyles" - dealing with themes of spirituality, gender, migration and ageing - and the four act, epic drama written in verse, "Crux", which is a metaphorical, mystical work set in an antipodean colony, amongst other scripts for theatre and broadcast. A number of her poems were published in journals as well as recorded and performed by local multimedia artists then broadcast on radio to favorable reviews. Some of her early work was inspired by the "Old Town" of Launceston where she lived for the summer of 1991, after she had been selected during national auditions in Sydney to be the inhouse playwright for the University of Tasmania's Theatre Faculty in Hobart.
The University of Queensland Library has acquired and collected her published material as well as her unpublished manuscripts (the latter has restricted access), including the poetry collection "Palinode - Poems from Brisbane and Nuremberg 1990 - 1995" and the novel "Salamandra, or a Tale of a Last Survival", set in Geneva, Berlin, Brisbane and Cairns. These texts, recordings, manuscripts, academic papers and correspondence with "public intellectuals" of note are held in the "Tania Peitzker Collection" in the Fryer Library's Australiana archives at the University of Queensland.
Tania Peitzker began publishing her work on Kindle and Amazon in 2015, the year she also became a German Citizen. She divides her time between her English family on their farm near London in Kent and her Lake Constance home in Engen, Germany.
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