Symbiotism is a Political Ideology, which combines aspects of Capitalism, with Socialism. It includes Open-Source Government, and a system of Liquid Democracy. Voting is done via App, and Leaders are Anonymous.
The Ideology seeks to Uphold the Working class, while also creating Incentive for Innovation and Personal effort.
Production in a Symbiotist Society is divided 25/25/50
* 25% goes to the workers of the profit producing company.
* 25% goes to the owners and inventors of the producing company.
* 50% goes to the community as a whole, to provide all basic living necessities.
Basic Living Necessities are :
* Unadulterated Air
* Unadulterated Water
* Organic Food
* Safe & Comfortable simple housing.
* Cradle to Grave Education.
* Natural & Emergency Healthcare
* High Speed Internet
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