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Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI), a medical laser company, is incorporated in Delaware and based in Ontario, Canada. SLI is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the name Aquarius Surgical Technologies.
Aquarius Surgical Technologies was featured in a news clip video with reporter Samantha Deutscher from InvestmentPitch Media. .
Surgical Lasers Inc. (SLI) was founded in 2012 by Gordon S. Willox to market a new, portable laser technology and consumable in the field of urology. SLI was a start-up company that used Gordon’s 30 years of knowledge in the medical laser field to perform the laser system specifications, the fiber optic delivery system design and patent process, the OEM manufacturing partnership negotiations, clinical investigation, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) development, FDA approval and clearances, financial modeling, sales, marketing & service strategy and funding. On April 15, 2016, SLI received FDA approval for the SLI-LAser Fibers, including Endoprobes, Bare Fibers, Dental Bare Fibers Lateral Firing Fibers. The FDA recently approved SLI's new compact holmium laser for lithotripsy, including the treatment of upper ureter kidney stones.
SLI has worked with and developed new fiber technologies that are covered by patents owned by Intermedic Arfran S.A. and part of the technology incorporated in the design and manufacture of the fiber-optic delivery devices are covered by patents owned by the manufacturer, Advanced Fiber Tools GmbH. Gordan has developed with SLI multiple private label benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) fibers including contact, side and end-fire fibers (supporting all laser BPH surgical techniques). Gordon’s and SLI’s patent pending “Unicore” fiber is custom manufactured with specialized machinery, resulting in enhanced durability and performance.
SLI has entered into two exclusive distribution agreements, covering effectively all countries in the North America and South America, pursuant to which it has exclusive rights over a multidiode laser system and related fibre optic delivery devices used principally for minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
SLI's flagship product for the urology market, the MP200, is a high performance, portable, diode laser which supports multiple SLI private label fibers (side-fire, contact, end fire).
While the focus of the SLI’s current business operations is innovative, minimally invasive, outpatient laser procedures in the fields of urology and gynecology, SLI has also FDA approved a family of medical fibers for multiple medical laser systems. In addition to the custom manufactured Unicore fiber, side fire and end fire fibers for urology and various sizes of holmium (single use and disposable) fibers for lithotripsy, SLI has a family of 30+ different fibers including fibers for;
- General surgery bare fibers
- Dental bare fibers
- Ophthalmic probes (endo-probes)
The US FDA in June 2017 gave 510K clearance for ASTI’s holmium laser for lithotripsy.
Surgical Lasers Inc. was founded by Gordon S. Willox in 2012. Throughout the process of starting SLI and all the way to getting FDA approval for various laser surgery equipment, Gordon was helped by two Canadian businessmen, David Hennigar and N. Gary Van Nest. After working together with strategy, funding and marketing, Mr. Hennigar and Mr. Van Nest decided to offer to buy SRI and fold it into a publicly listed company that they majority owned called Aquarius Coatings. Aquarius Coatings Inc, was previously quoted on the TSX- V, the Toronto Venture Exchange. The acquisition of SLI was approved by the shareholders of Aquarius Coatings at a special general meeting held on November 21, 2016. They agreed to change the name from Aquarius Coatings to Aquarius Surgical Technologies (ASTI). The company switched to the Canadian Stock Exchange when they changed the name to Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc. and re-listed the shares. In this agreement for the sale of SLI, Gordon S. Willox obtained new shares in Aquarius Surgical Technologies (ASTI) and will continue operating and managing SLI. The acquisition was completed on March 17, 2017 so Surgical Lasers Inc. is now wholly owned by Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc.  The entire business of ASTI is now the development, sale, distribution, marketing, and exploitation of laser-driven technologies for use in surgical environments, principally in the field of urology.
On November 2, 13, 20 and December 9 , 2015, four Doctors performed live, In-Office BPH laser surgeries under Local Anesthetic with SLI lasers. Dr. Carlton Barnswell MD of  Advanced Urology Centres of New York; Dr. Stanley J. Swierzewski III MD, Director of Continence Centre, Holyoke Hospital, Holyoke MA and Assistant Clinical Professor, Tufts University, Boston;  Dr. Thomas L. Ewing, affiliated with St Elizabeth Hospital and St James Parish Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana; and Dr. Ning Z. Wu of Lake Barrington, Illinois and affiliated with Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital and Advocate Sherman Hospital.
Stock Exchange Listing
Aquarius Surgical Technologies Inc. started trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange on June 22, 2017. Surgical Lasers Incorporated is a wholly owned company of Aquarius Surgical Technologies. On July 6, 2017 it was reported on the Canadian Stock Exchange that ASTI had raised approximately $1.41mn in a private placement.
Board of Directors and Officers of the Company
David J. Hennigar Bedford, Nova Scotia Businessman; Chairman of the Board; Director
N. Gary Van Nest Toronto, Ontario Businessman; President of the Company; Director
Gordon S. Willox Newmarket, Ontario,  Managing Director of the Company; Director
Dr. Robert Francis Toronto, Ontario Founder and Director of Medcan Clinic; Toronto Director
Dr. Stanley Swierzewski III Longmeadow, MA, USA Associate Clinical Professor of Urology, Tufts University, Boston Director
Lorne S. MacFarlane Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Businessman; Chief Financial Officer
Christopher H. Freeman King City, Ontario; Barrister & Solicitor Secretary
The Board has three Committees:
Audit and Risk Committee: David J. Hennigar (Chair), Dr. Robert Francis, Dr. Stanley Swierzewski and N. Gary Van Nest (ex officio)
Compensation Committee: N. Gary Van Nest (Chair), David J. Hennigar, Dr. Robert Francis and Dr. Stanley Swierzewski
Governance Committee: The entire Board, under its Chairman, constitute the Governance Committee
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