Skate perception

Skateperception is a website forum headquartered in North Carolina, USA and created in April 2004 that primarily focuses on skateboarding filming, video editing, photography, as well as industry news, information, and rumors.

The site was created by Laurence Currie-Clark and Steve LaClair on the 4th of April 2004. Laurence has since left his post while Steve and Mike still oversee every aspect and regularly posts within the forums.

Skateperception is distinguished from other skateboarding forums because of it's focus on the skateboard filming and photography industry rather than just the skateboarding itself. Skateperception stemmed from the Digital Skate website. The Digital Skate forums died and many of the members switched over and found their home at Skateperception is now one of the largest forums in the skateboard filming industry.

Recently, a sister website of Skateperception was released early 2007 known as SnowPerception, which follows the same format as SkatePerception, but with regards to snow sports.

The forums within the website are set up like most online forums. To contribute to any thread within the site, one must first create a forum profile (including a member name and password). Once they have done this, they can post in topics on the forum as well as make new topics. This name will show up next to the person's post along with other information regarding that member. Such information is as follows:

*Group: This is in reference to how many posts a person has made. The member titles are: Members- members with 0-99 posts, Established Member- members with 100-999 posts, and Die Hard- members with over 1000 posts

*Posts: This keeps track of how many post a member has made. When a member makes a post within any of the categories it will add to their post count. However, posts made in the Category Random will not be counted towards a member's post total.

*Joined: This displays the date when a member has joined.

*Member No.: When a member joins the website, they are assigned a member number according to when they created the member account. For instance, the first member of the site, the founder Steve LaClair, has a member number of 1. The second member, co-founder GrandMan, has a member number of 2.

*Rating: A rating system was established within the forum to award people with points when they contribute to the website. The rating system is between -10 and 100. The points can only be issued by moderators and administrators of the forums.



Rules and Important Inbumpformation- Up to date rules and important information.

Site News- Up to date news of the site.

Industry News- Information about the skateboarding industry. Such as professionals switching companies, release dates of products, and product reviews.

Site Features- Up to date information of most recent features added to the site.

*Video and Film:


Filming- Contains topics on information, techniques, and anything else relating to video/film cameras. Many of the members that film use high-end prosumer cameras such as the Sony DCR-VX1000, DCR-VX2000 (and DCR-VX2100), Panasonic DVX100a (and DVX100b), the Canon GL2 Sony Trv900 and also the Sony Trv950.

Camera Malfunctions and Repair- Any questions regarding problems with cameras are placed here. Through the many members involved in Skateperception, a small video camera repair business, known as Video Electronics, has established a reputable business with the users. This has helped both the members seeking repairs for the camera as well as increasing the traffic flow of an otherwise unknown company.

Filming Assignments- Members compete against each other in different filming assignments chosen by other members.

Fisheyes- Any questions regarding fisheye lenses are placed in this section. Most notably, two of the most popular fisheyes for video cameras are the Century Optics Mki (pronounced "mark one" or "m k one") and Mkii (pronounced "mark two" or "m k two").

Fisheye Comparisons- Comparisons of distortion and wideness of different fisheyes are placed here. Certain lenses can be modified so they can fit onto other cameras that they are not normally allowed to fit on. A well known modification is the widening of the Raynox MX-3000.

Lighting- Forum for members to discuss and ask questions about lighting setups.



Photo Discussion- Members discuss about different camera bodies, lenses, lighting, photography techniques, and almost anything regarding photography. Many newcomers searching for questions about skateboarding photography can come here and find the information they are looking for. If their answer cannot be found, they better not even consider asking because we'll pwn their asses.

The Gallery- This section was made for members to display their photography works so it can be critiqued by other members of skateperception.

Assignments- Similar to the filming assignments, members compete against each other in competitions developed by other members. The members that entered into the assignment are voted on by other members and the top three member entries get first, second, and third place "virtual" trophies ,which they can display in their signature section.

*Editing and Design Issues+:


Post Production- This is a section for all who are interested in, or have queries in the field of video editing.

Computer Issues- Section for members who are currently having computer issues. Members can also discuss most recent computer updates, OS debates and anything related to the computer field.

Graphic Design- A subcategory dedicated to artwork created by the members of the site. The members can also ask questions about graphic design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Website Design/Critique- For all the Web designers within our community to post their work and critique others'.

Work In Progress-Section for members to display projects they are working on.

*Video Clips+:


Promos- Got an upcoming video? Promote it here! Get some feedback, and better yourself!

Montages- The title says it all. A montage is a 2-3 minute clip complete with post production. Here is the spot to show them off.

Random Footy- A place to have your filming critiqued. None of that editing, or technical stuff; just raw footage that you would like opinions/suggestions/critiques on. Any clip that isn't a montage, promo or assignment belongs here (naturally).

Assignments- Section dedicated to Skateperception 'video homework'. Assignments (such as best fisheye shot, best skatepark montage, etc.) are chosen, and members enter their submissions to win a magical gold, silver or bronze camera .gif for their forum signature. Ultimate bragging rights are also achieved.

Video Critique- A selected panel of members are only allowed to post here. These members are chosen, as being high up on the food chain, to help you with any critiques or suggestions. (Note: this section is different from the other video clip subcategories in the sense that people can not post pointless replies such as "Kewl!" only in hopes to higher their post count.)



Classifieds- The infamous classifieds section of Skateperception is a great way to get discounted goods that you've been eying, as well as professional photo and video gear. (There is a subcategory for 3ccd cameras and death lenses<----NEEDS CITATION as well as photo gear.

Deals/Scams- To recognize Skateperception members that you have legitimate transactions with over the site, as well as ones that are not-so legit.



Ask Anything- For any beginner questions regarding videography, photography, or post production. This section is strictly for these type of questions ONLY.

Contribute- A place to post your tutorials or guides on anything relevant. Members will receive points from moderators for their contributions.

*Skateperception Stuff+:


Comments/Suggestions- The official "I want this; I want that" section. Post what you like about the site, or what you'd like to see here in the Comments/Suggestions category.



Almost Anything Goes(also referred to as AAG)- The title says it all. A place to discuss unrelated information with fellow members. Formerly "Anything Goes". This sub-forum is looked-after by ACSlater.

Skateboarding- This section is dedicated to all things that are related to skateboarding. Many members discuss professional skaters' video parts, styles, products, and even skateboard rumors.

Music- Many skateboarding videos are edited to music. This section helps members find music from certain skate videos as well as find new artist and musicians that they might find appealing.


*On October 9, 2006, SP reached its 1,000,000th post. The poster was believed to be Filming Mod MattHirst, with the post containing the phrase "one millionth, bitches".

*Skateperception has a stand alone store that is run through

*The Skateboard Mag issue number 27, which is a magazine dedicated to the skateboarding industry, ran a short article on and its impact on the industry.

*Skateperception has roughly 21,000 registered members.

*On July 27, 2007, one of Skateperception's most notorious members, Derek Gertz, passed away. He was skateboarding at College Park alone, and hit his head and was knocked unconscious. Derek was not only known for his incredible talent in skateboarding, but he was also known for his videos that he made and the music he made with his turntables.
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