Sir Peter Sassoon

Sir Peter Geoffrey Edward Sassoon, 5th Baronet OBE KCB is a British businessman, philanthropist, art collector and financing mogul
Sir Peter Sassoon was born on 18 September 1968 in Marylebone, London to Sir Gustave Albert Sassoon who was the son of famous socialite and politician Phillip Sassoon. Sassoon has 3 brothers; David, Alfred and Edward. When Sassoon was 8 his father and his mother Countess Susan Waldegrave (known as Lady Susan Hussey who is a lady in-waiting to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is also the godmother of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge) decided to send their four sons all to Eton boarding school in Windsor, Berkshire. Sassoon was a very keen and good student at this school with his uncle William Waldegrave, Baron Waldegrave being the provost of the school he had a lot of pressure to excel. At Eton, Sassoon became very close with some very affulent people today including; Charles Hamar Delevingne whom he is constantly seen with at Bullingdon Club a rather well-known all-male students' dining club based in Oxford, In addition, to being very close with such people as Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and a lot of aristocratic families like; The Vesteys, The Spencers, The Rothschilds (who he is distantly related to through his Grandmother Miranda Katherine Rothschild Phillip's first wife). Overall, Sassoon had a very upper-class affulent up bringing and has continued to live such a affulent life.
Business and Career
Sir Peter Sassoon has been very involved in the banking world since he was young because of the fact that it runs in his family. When his grandfather died, Philip decided to leave his estate fifty to fifty with his two sons Gustave and Albert and Gustave currently controls his father's many manors and has a immense stake in a lot of English banks which include; J.P Morgan, HSBC and Sassoon and Co. Gustave decided to give each child a stake in a company; the stakes vary from 5% all the way to 89 or 90%. Sassoon currently owns a 43% stake in HSBC and recently on April 16, 2017 bought the investment bank Moelis & Company for 345 million GBP and currently holds a 100% stake. Sassoon has a total of 31 finance companies that he either owns or has a stake in those include a lot of global banks including; Royal Bank of Canada, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (which he has a 80% stake in) and many more banks. Sassoon currently holds a net worth of 27.3 billion GBP and 35.8 billion USD. Sassoon was featured in Forbes United Kingdom as second wealthiest behind Len Blavatnik and according to him they are close friends.
Sassoon married Lady Anna-Karina Cadogan; daughter of 8th Earl Cadogan who is a very prominent British peer and aristocrat. Sassoon's wife and himself produced four children; Louie Elias David Sassoon, Florence Katharine Sassoon, Madeleine Sybil Sassoon and Aline Henriette Sassoon. Sassoon and his family currently reside in a palatial manor in Kensington Palace Gardens with their four children.
* Aline Henriette Sassoon (born. 1993)
* Louie Elias David Sassoon (born. 2004)
* Florence Katharine Sassoon (born. 2007)
* Madeleine Sybil Sassoon (born. 2007 Florence is Madeleine's twin)
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